Things Are Heating Up on The Mandalorian

Shots have been fired, and the way has been cleared it would appear as Din Djarin has put Moff Gideon on notice that he’s coming for Grogu, and the feeling is that he’ll be coming in hot. Chapter 15 of The Mandalorian wasn’t exactly something that was overly thrilling or had people gripping the armrest of their couch or chair as familiar or expected faces were flashed across the screen, but the return of Bill Burry as Mayfeld was fun since it didn’t just bring the prisoner back, it had the guy pull a serious 180 in his efforts to help Din and his companions reach and infiltrate an Imperial outpost in an effort to find information on Moff Gideon’s whereabouts. Being an ex-Imperial, Mayfeld was able to help Din pick out a place that they might be able to find the information they needed via console and was also able to get them into the compound after a spirited chase that had Din and Mayfeld operating a rig carrying highly explosive materials and fending off pirates that were attempting to blow up said materials. Thankfully Din, clad in stormtrooper armor, was able to fight most of the pirates off before a pair of TIE fighters showed up to escort the payload into the compound, blasting the remaining pirates and their thermal detonators, which had been armed and ready, into scrap. 

And then, wonder of wonders, Din took off his helmet to initiate a facial scan for the terminal while trying to access the information on Moff Gideon…and it worked. First off, he took off his helmet and let people see his face, so that might have significance later, and second, the facial scan worked. So what does that mean? Just because Din is in the system doesn’t mean that his face should have allowed him access, right? So there are more questions to be asked as of now, but they might have to wait since an Imperial officer is the only reason why Din and Mayfeld didn’t get away clean. Or rather, Mayfeld’s conscience is the reason since as the officer started talking about freedom and how people would want the order of the Empire back, Mayfeld decided he’d heard enough and fired first, his blaster bolt knocking the officer out of his seat. So the big bad mercenary does have a heart after all, but he chose the worst time to show it since they were quickly engaged in a firefight that had them walking a narrow ledge outside the mess hall to escape, thankfully with cover provided by Cara Dune and Fennec Shand and transport provided by Boba Fett. If you’re going to be in the middle of a blaster battle this is the kind of group you want watching your back obviously, since they did manage to make a getaway, and Mayfeld even offered one final parting shot to the Empire by blowing up the material that they’d transported as a ruse to fool the Imperials. 

As his reward, Mayfeld was allowed to go free with the understanding that he’d been lost in an explosion during the mission, proving that Cara Dune and Din aren’t heartless and that Mayfeld, who has seen Din without his helmet, does have some principles left to him. With the data needed to track down Moff Gideon, it became clear that their next move was to come looking for Grogu, as Din’s message to Gideon was rather straightforward. This should hopefully be leading up to a great finale this coming week as season 2 will be closing out. But one has to wonder if more faces will be added into the mix, since thinking that Boba Fett, Fennec, Din, and possibly Cara aren’t bound to be enough to take on the forces that Gideon can muster. One might hope to see Bo Katan and her forces, and perhaps even a Jedi that answered Grogu’s call after Tython. It’s not known at this moment just what will happen, but the big hope is that the finale will last a bit longer in order to tie up or expand a few storylines that people have become interested in. As of now, this chapter feels like the calm before the storm, the final moment before things truly get crazy enough that not everyone might make it out. 

So far The Mandalorian is still just as popular as it was in season 1, and thankfully this is due to added characters, intersecting storylines, and old faces that fans haven’t seen in a while but are definitely appreciative of since through The Mandalorian the Star Wars universe is continuing to expand as old and new characters are being seen to interact and create new directions for the franchise to move towards. It feels as though the season just started, and already we’re nearly at the end. 

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