There’s One Canon MCU Character You’ll Never See

Despite the MCU’s team-up with Kool-Aid, you’ll never witness a Kool-Aid Man enter the Marvel cinematic universe based on its comic character. After Michael Craig Sr gave in to the idea of Kool-Aid Man in 1954, Marvel took a step further and released a comic series named “The Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man” from 1983 to 1985. The bizarre team-up of Kool-Aid and Marvel wasn’t over, and suddenly the character started getting reputed as “stronger than hulk,” hyping things up and making things all the more strange.

Even with its popular comic series and extreme fame in the 1970s, there is no possible way this comic character will make its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon. The creation of The Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man as a comic series did make the role a canon MCU character. However, this team-up was only restricted to the TV commercials and probably won’t make it to your screens as an MCU official lineup.

Kool-Aid Man’s Marvel Comic History Explained

Marvel comics of kool aid man


Kool-Aid Man started way back in 1954 with the name “The Pitcher Man.” Its official release was in 1974 when the character came up front as a 6-feet tall pitcher filled with cherry-cold Kool-Aid. At that time, Richard Berg started performing as a voice actor for the character. However, Kool-Aid Man was still bounded to advertisements at that time. It wasn’t until 1983 that the character got its own short-lived comic series as an official canon MCU character. 

The Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man had three separate volumes—each published under the influence of the Marvel Comics universe. However, after the third volume, Kool-Aid Man didn’t stay by the side of Marvel. That is why the remaining volumes from four to nine were published with Archie Comics. This relationship kept on going from 1987 to 1990. The Kool-Aid Man retired in 1994 and wasn’t back until 2008. After 1990, the character never stepped back in comics from any platform. 

What Powers Kool-Aid Man Has In Marvel Comics

is kool aid man stronger than hulk


A live-action talking pitcher filled with cherry kool-aid may seem hilarious and silly as a superhero. However, in the comics, the Kool-Aid Man was actually a legend with respect to his superpowers. All the character’s comic series revolved around him, where he saved the people from “Thirsties” (outer space aliens). The main capability of the Kool-Aid Man was its water manipulation. It was more of a cold cherry kool-aid manipulation as the character controlled and threw jars of kool-aid on the enemies. 

But that wasn’t the only thing that helped him become stronger than Hulk in children’s viewpoint. In several comic episodes, the character was shown to be extremely strong as he went through multiple walls, a 1770 sailing ship, Thristies space ship, and a stone cave like they were made out of paper. The character casually appeared instantly, chanting his catchphrase “Oh Yeah!” whenever some child called his name. This comic act created a perception that the character had super speed. That’s not all! The dialogues in The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man in outer space showed that he could talk even in a vacuum, and his glass hull is somehow strong enough to withstand the extreme space vacuum pressure and trauma hits from the enemy spaceships.

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