There’s a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Documentary Coming

There’s a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Documentary Coming

There’s a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Documentary Coming

The question should be whether this is really necessary or not, but the most obvious answer that people would give is ‘definitely’ since everyone likes to be up in everyone else’s business and a two-hour documentary on the dissolution of the marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on the Discovery Channel is bound to be something that a lot of people are going to want to watch. Depp and Heard’s divorce was big news to a lot of folks after all and has been reverberating ever since it was announced, especially considering that during this time, Depp was cut loose from the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fantastic Beasts franchises, though it’s fair to speculate about his role in any further Pirates movies. Many fans have been incensed about this since not only has Heard not ended up losing as much, but it would appear that she was caught in a lie when claiming that she’d been abused by Depp in the past. Unfortunately, the whole divorce is mired in controversy at this point with everything that’s been said and revealed, leaving many people to wonder what is real and what is being fabricated. 

The fact that there is a documentary coming to the Discovery Channel feels a little absurd, but it also feels as though someone desired to tell the story in a manner that would allow Heard and Depp to put in their two cents and show what really went down in their own version. If that sounds a bit off to you don’t worry too much, you’re not alone, since the ‘he said, she said’ routine has been ongoing for a while with this case and it’s managed to paint a picture that many people can’t help but think is best left alone at this time since the two celebrities have fired shots back and forth at each other for months and convinced many fans of the truths that people want to hear. 

Attempting to stay neutral with such news is difficult but doable since the idea of no longer caring who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong with this case has become the norm for a lot of fans that simply want to see both actors go back to what they’re best at doing, which is entertaining their many fans. Many criticisms have been lobbed at both individuals, though it does feel as though those defending Depp have been far more vehement concerning his innocence as they attempt to vilify Heard, who was the subject of a petition when it came to her desired removal from the next Aquaman movie. What has become rather obvious is that she isn’t sweating the idea that she would have ever been removed since DC and the director kept her on, much to the angry chest-beating of many fans that can’t or won’t try to understand the fact that Hollywood is a business, and that the decisions made will have more to do with business than the feelings of the fans, who will likely go to watch the movie anyway even if they can’t stand Heard or want to see karma deliver a heavy slap that will forcefully deliver the comeuppance many think she deserves. 

As for Depp, there’s not a lot to be said at the moment other than the fact that some folks will think he’s innocent to their dying breath and others will simply walk away from the man thinking that he might have gotten a raw deal, but he’s the one the married Heard. If there was ever a truer statement made in this case it’s that, since the fact is that something compelled Depp to marry a much younger woman even if he knew what he was getting into with this particular celebrity. But all of this is bound to come out during the documentary, or at least some of it will come out hopefully since it’s fair to say that getting each star’s point of view, and likely many others that had something, or anything, to do with this mess will be enlightening to some and worth a heavy eye roll to others. In all honesty, this documentary will be something that a lot of folks might groan and call less than worthless, while others might laugh at due to the ridiculous nature the divorce ended up taking on. 

Many others however will be taking the documentary just as seriously as they took The Tiger King no doubt since they’ll want to chime in with their opinion and make it known that they believe one or the other was blameless in this farce. The fact is that out of the many other stories that could be covered in Hollywood, this is likely one of the most sordid, tabloid-grade bits of sensationalist news to be found, which is why, of course, it should do quite well. 

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