There’s a Hindi “The Office” Coming to Television

Hindi Office

In terms of originality you can’t really get down on the idea of The Office being released in a Hindi version since the US version took their cue from an English version. Therefore it’s not exactly intelligent to claim that they’re simply ripping off an idea that the US came up with. In truth it might seem like a ripoff to some folks but it seems more like an interesting homage that might carry some weight in its parent country and possibly seem amusing in other countries. Whether or not people are really going to get into it is a matter of personal taste to be honest since throughout the history of TV people have applauded some shows, ignored others, and been torn about a great many programs that some think are great and others think are just okay or absolutely horrible. Jinal Bhatt of Mashable seems to think it might work and so far there’s nothing to say that it won’t. Of course it might be a good idea for the show to come up with a few moments of its own, but again that’s not much of a worry since it’s been seen already that just taking an idea and running with it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be the same old thing over and over.

If that was where it ended and where people were content to leave it then the idea might actually have merit. But it would appear that The Office fans that became used to the Scranton branch have seen the trailer for this new version and were quite adamant about how bad it really seems. In terms of humor every person has their own favorite brand, some like it dry, others like it raunchy, and a lot of people like a healthy balance that rests in-between. At the moment it’s kind of hard to say where the Hindi version of The Office really fits in since the response to it thus far has been kind of negative. People just don’t seem to enjoy another version of a show that they already grew used to and didn’t want to see brought to light in any other way. Perhaps this version of The Office could have done something a little different while keeping the name and relationship, maybe they could have created all new characters that weren’t stereotypes of the figures that had already existed. It is rather stereotypical to bring forth the type of characters that have already been seen even if they belong to a different culture. In many ways this seems to say that while each culture is in fact entitled to do things their way, so long as the right permission is given, it still doesn’t mean that they’re going to receive the same positive reaction.

Even worse for this version is that Twitter users have chimed in and had their say, and if anyone knows the damage that Twitter can do then it’s safe to say that public opinion is an absolute beast when given a place to speak and vent the ideas that are fuming inside one’s head. The whole ‘identity theft’ gag that was vocalized between Dwight and Jim during an episode is what Twitter users are leaning on since to many the Hindi version is just a cheap knock-off of The Office and doesn’t deserve to be on the air. In the defense of the show it’s something that might appeal to people who want to see something different yet familiar, but in defense of the fans it is kind of a cheap way to cash in on an idea that a lot of people enjoyed just to try to make something halfway special.

There’s nothing to say that this show can’t happen and can’t succeed, but it seems fair to say that if the fans really decided to make their voice heard it’s entirely possible that the show might tank soon and in a very dejected fashion. The problem with making something that’s pretty much a copy of another show isn’t that it might be no good. It could be just as funny and possibly just different enough thanks to the difference in culture. The real problem is that fans don’t know how to let go and be open-minded about various subjects and shows when it comes to the material they’re given. Fans might want to state that the show is a knock-off, and it might be. But so what? Other shows have been based off of shows that came before, and some have been carbon copies of other shows but with a different name and cast. Fans don’t seem to jump all over those shows, but again, fans are fickle and notorious for complaining about things that don’t really matter. Ah well, hopefully someone will like this show.

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