The White Lotus is Officially Coming Back for a Season 2

So the White Lotus is coming back, but at a different resort and with a different cast unless a few of those from the first season are able to make it back. What stories they might have to tell could actually make the second season just as interesting since the first season was a whole mess of personal problems that a lot of people might have enjoyed watching. That’s kind of disturbing when one really thinks about it, that other people might enjoy watching the mental breakdown of one character or another, but so long as it’s entertainment it appears to be okay. The way things broke down in the first season though makes a person wonder just what’s going to happen in season 2 that will be done to top it or somehow match the intensity of the show and the disturbing nature of those that felt as though they were going a bit cuckoo. One typically goes to a resort to relax and rejuvenate themselves, right? This kind of felt like it was about to do the opposite while claiming to do exactly what people expected.

The first season was a bundle of issues that one would hope would never come up at a resort, but tend to anyway since vacationing for some folks is a time to air out the dirty laundry or for one reason or another show people the secret side of oneself that doesn’t get let out on a regular basis. In other words, creating a dramatic comedy anthology might have felt like an odd thing to do in such a setting, but it turned out to be well-received and obviously won over the audience if there’s going to be a season 2. What will be interesting to see now is if anyone from the first season will be back since White Lotus season will take place in a similar resort but in a different location.

So this means a new group of people with an entirely new set of issues and a new group of hosts to welcome them to the resort. It’s a good thing that this is a comedy since otherwise, it would really feel like another show that in its own way asks people to feel sorry for those that can afford to attend a resort to sort out their personal problems. In fact, if not for the comedy it’s very likely that some folks would turn this show off in a heartbeat if only because hearing rich people whine and moan that they’ve got issues they can’t sort out but can still make time to drop a ton of money on a stay at a resort where they’ll still whine and moan about their problems might not be a great subject to pull people in with. Granted, it would still get watched since there are plenty of people that would find it endearing and would want to see it, but the whole idea of being able to relate to such a story is often alleviated by the humor that’s injected into it. Without that, it might not be a show that people are talking about, and it might not be one that anyone would anticipate for season 2.

But, seeing as how people ARE going to be anticipating it, one can’t help but wonder what’s going to be done to keep up with the antics of season 1 in a new location, and where that new location might be. The idea of a tropic resort is always great to be honest since it invites a certain level of drama and comedy that people tend to love and it lends itself well to other forms of entertainment as well. One could even think that eventually there might be a spinoff to this show if it continues to perform as well as it did in season 1, but that might be getting a little bit ahead at this point, especially since we need to see how season 2 is going to do. So far there’s plenty of faith in the show and there’s not a lot to say that the next season will do any worse. It’d be great if season 2 only managed to get better since the chance is there considering that it won’t be in the same location.

But the caveat to changing things up too much is that there does need to be some continuity here and there, and it would appear that this is being taken into consideration as the White Lotus is making an appearance, just with a new staff and new guests. After seeing how season 2 plays out it might be that some fans will be of the mind that there’s no reason to keep going, while others could be thinking that a season 3 would be a great idea. We’ll just have to wait and see how things go.

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