The Vampire Diaries 1.08 “162 Candles” Recap

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESDamon has officially went rogue on my “Ish List” as the diabolical person I would love to stake. Sure, he’s interesting when it comes to plot and story, but he has entered the “Love To Hate” pile for TV characters after tonight’s events.

A Blast From The Past

Stefan is shocked to find that his old vamp buddy Lexi (guest star Arielle Kebbel, “Gilmore Girls”, John Tucker Must Die!) shows up to celebrate Stefan’s 162th birthday. She is a bubbly vamp and seems to take up the same ideals as Stefan. In short, I’m in love. But is it me or does it look like something is wrong with Arielle Kebbel’s face? She doesn’t look the same to me. Anyway…

Let me list the reasons why I love Lexi: 1), she hates Katherine, 2) she hates Damon even more and 3) she gave us an answer about the rings the Salvatore brothers wear, which was that the Salvatores are the only two who have them and that no other vamp can use them. Hmmm… Can we get a spin-off?

Later while Lexi is sleeping, Damon slips up on her and you can practically hear Lexi’s skin crawl at the sight of him. Damon flirts profusely with her and she is near vomit territory, but when he reaches for her Lexi swiftly pins him down by his neck. She tells Damon to not screw up the time she has with Stefan or she will make him regret it. Plus, did I mention that she’s stronger than Damon?!?!

Lexi also wants to know why is Stefan staying in Mystic Falls, especially after the townsfolk is up on vamp activity. Stefan says one thing is keeping him and her name is Elena. Lexi hopes that Stefan learned his lesson with Katherine, but if she only knew that he slightly hasn’t.

Mystic Falls’ Finest

Meanwhile, Jeremy, Elena, Stefan and Matt are all questioned by Sheriff Forbes about the whereabouts of Vicki. Jeremy says that she is gone and he thinks it’s for the best (come again?), while the others say that Vicki was wigging out and coming off an extreme high. Matt thinks that Vicki is basically like his mom and will constantly duck out, but seriously Matt she’s not coming back.

After the interrogations, Elena tells Stefan that she can’t keep lying to her brother and friends and feels that she can’t be around him anymore. Damn, Elena, on his birthday? Especially after you told him that you could deal with everything the night before?

Later Damon shows up to Sheriff Forbes office with a box of vervain and Forbes lets slip that the Founders, a couple of city officials and her deputies are the ones who know about the vamp activity. But Damon also finds out that the group has figured out that the vamp perp walks during the daylight and Damon is not too happy about the Sheriff using her head.

He cooks up a plan…

Meanwhile, Elena and Jenna are shocked that Jeremy has taken the turn for the better as he is doing homework and is being very serious about it. Hmmm…

The Bewitching Hour

How I love Bonnie! Let me count the ways…

Bonnie packs up her stuff because her dad doesn’t take too kindly to her staying at Grams, who has to be his mother. He doesn’t believe in the witchcraft stuff and doesn’t want Grams putting it in Bonnie’s head. Bonnie declares that she has to give back the necklace to Caroline, but Grams says that is Bonnie’s necklace and it found its way back to her. Grams also tells Bonnie that should wear it all times, because it is a powerful weapon.

Bonnie then makes her way to see Elena, who is upset about her breakup with Stefan. To cheer up Elena, Bonnie decides to show off her newfound powers and Elena is wowed. Bonnie asks Elena if she thinks she is weird and I think that’s the understatement on the year. Elena asks why did Bonnie tell her about her powers if Grams told her to keep it a secret. Bonnie simply replies that Elena is her best friend and that she can’t keep secrets from her.

Hmmm… Oh is that guilt that just walked in, Elena?

Meanwhile, Damon bumps into Caroline, who talks smack until Damon lays the gaze on her. She then becomes Damon’s slave again and he tells her that she will throw a party at the Mystic Grill and she will retrieve his necklace no matter if she has to snatch it off of Bonnie’s neck. Not going to be an easy feat, guys.

Don’t Be Tardy For The Party (Yes, I Went There…)

While Stefan talks about Elena to Lexi, who tells him that his vamp sex would win her over, we learn more about dear Lexi. She carries packs of human blood as if they are Capri Sun packs and that she couldn’t do the animal diet (it lasted three weeks). Damon enters with news of the party, which is in celebration of Stefan’s birthday and the fact that they really need to blend in with the town folk. Stefan doesn’t want to go, but Lexi says that they should. Besides, it is his birthday. But Stefan knows his brother and thinks something is up.

Elena stops by and sees Lexi, who would’ve pissed her pants if she could after seeing Elena is a split image of Katherine. Elena, thinking that Lexi is Stefan’s rebound, leaves and Lexi confronts Stefan about his obsession with Katherine. She thinks that Elena could be of some relation, but Stefan doesn’t want to think about any ties between Katherine and Elena sans their looks. He then explains his feelings about Elena and Lexi sees the love that Stefan feels for Elena.

Stefan later stops by Elena’s and clears the confusion about Lexi’s role in his life and that she’s a vampire. Elena tells him that she can’t talk to anyone and that’s her problem, because she can only talk to him about these things and its killing her. Stefan tells Elena that he will always be there for her before asking her to go to the party. Elena decides to stay home.

Dead Man’s Party

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESDamon blows off Caroline when he sees she doesn’t have the necklace. Lexi blows off Damon for attempting to talk to her. Caroline approaches Bonnie and asks for the necklace back, but Bonnie is not budging so Caroline reaches to snatch it and it shocks her!!! Bonnie is furious that Caroline would try to take the necklace and angrily walks away. Damon approaches and asks Caroline if she go the necklace and when she says no and why, he calls her stupid, shallow, and useless. OUCH! Later, Bonnie tries to explain to Caroline what’s going on, but Caroline is too hurt by Damon’s brush off that she berates Bonnie for her insolence as a friend.

Damon then goes outside and sees a teen couple making out. He attacks and kills the boy and glamours the girl.

Elena actually shows up at the party and she sees Stefan having a great time with Lexi. Damon slips in to flirt, but Elena wants to know what did he do to Jeremy and he says he took away his suffering. Deep…

Lexi approaches Elena later and tells her how much Stefan loves her and she has to give him time. Lexi reveals that she too had a human lover and she went through the same thing when she told him her vamp status. In the end, Lexi says love conquers all and that Elena is there because she loves Stefan and they both know it. Lexi then returns back to Stefan and he says thank you, which means he heard the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the police find the dead kid’s body and finds his girlfriend cowering in fear.

Now, this is where my local affiliate had a glass of motor oil or something, because the skipped bits and pieces. All I know is that Elena and Stefan made up and Caroline drunkenly asks Matt is she is a shallow “kiddie pool”, which Matt says she’s not before taking her home. Sheriff Forbes is none too happy about her daughter’s drunken state and orders that no one else leaves the bar.

Inside the bar, Lexi’s curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Damon why did he come back to Mystic Falls and he says,THE VAMPIRE DIARIES“Because he has a diabolical plan.”


As soon as this is said, Sheriff Forbes walks the traumatized girl into the bar and asks her who attacked her. The girl points in the direction of Damon and when the Sheriff approaches Damon and Lexi, she injects Lexi with a dose of vervain.


Lexi goes into a drunken stupor as two deputies take her out, while Stefan and Elena watch in concerned horror. The deputy guarding the front door tells them that they can’t leave so they take a different route to get to Lexi. Outside, Lexie awakes and throws the deputies away like rag dolls, while she vamps out. Sheriff Forbes goes for her gun and shoots several bullets into an unphased Lexi, who keeps coming. Stefan and Elena run to help, but then Damon steps in front of Lexi and STAKES HER!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!


Lexi looks on and asks why and Damon says its all a part of his diabolical plan. He then pushes the stake deeper and Lexi dies.

Sniff. Tear. Matches. Blowtorch!

Again my affiliate cuts in when Matt lays Caroline to bed and she asks that he not leave. What was said before that I don’t know. But back at the Grill, Stefan is pissed and is ready to rid himself of a sibling, but Elena doesn’t want him to do so, because it’s what Damon wants.

When Stefan makes it back to his house, he and Damon have a good ole fashioned smackdown. Damon declares he did it to get the trail off of them, but Damon isn’t buying it and STAKES DAMON!

But unfortunately, it doesn’t kill him. He did it to tell Damon that he is not far from killing him if need be, but the only reason he spared him is because Damon saved his life and now they are even.


The final shot of the night is of Bonnie having nightmares of her running through the forest from some dark figure. She falls in common horror movie fashion and bumps into her ancestor (guest star Bianca Lawson), who tells Bonnie “It’s coming.”

What’s coming?!?

Bonnie then wakes up, but not in her bed. She is in the forest surrounded by tombstones and what looks like the remains of a church.



– LEXI!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The first new vamp gets dusted before she can show what she can do! I miss her already! Lexi had great chemistry and I could see her as a mainstay; someone who could be Damon’s foil and Stefan’s partner in crime and maybe a love interest for Jeremy or Matt. She brought great mythology to the show and gave us a lot of damn questions to ponder. I’m still speechless on Lexi… Moving on for now…

– Burn, maim, decapitate, and stake Damon. Nuff said.

– I’m sorry but Bonnie needs her own damn spin-off so she can save herself from ending up on death watch. I wonder if no one can touch the necklace while it’s on Bonnie or if they can’t touch it because they are vamps and/or are under a vamp’s spell. Questions, questions, but one thing is for sure: the Bennett women are sexy goddesses. Sweet LORD!!!!

– What did Damon do to Jeremy? Did he instill the kid some wisdom for him to stop being a pain in Elena’s (and the audience’s) back?

There might be other observations, but I am drained, upset, and mad that we have to wait another week for more TVD. How about you?

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