The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Review: “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”


This wasn’t an all-out Halloween themed episode of The Vampire Diaries but the timing of the Whitmore homecoming corn maze certainly felt appropriate as things quickly turned bloody.

It would be easy to pin the events of the night all on Stefan.  After all, if he didn’t give up on Damon so easily and turn into the biggest jerk, Enzo never would have snapped Ivy’s neck.  Ivy is the typical annoying newbie vampire that Stefan essentially dropped on Caroline’s doorstep for her to deal with.  If she wasn’t so eager to run out and feed on innocent people, Tyler wouldn’t have hit a kid in the road.  Actually that part could have happened either way because Tyler was texting and driving, but I think I made my point that this is the worst version of Stefan we’ve ever seen.

Luckily, he’s starting to realize the error of his ways just in time for Damon to return.  I mentioned in my review last week that their reunion was the one I was anticipating the most, and the writers definitely did not disappoint!  For a second there it seemed like it would’ve been perfectly cheesy for Damon to pop back into Elena’s dorm room just in time to see her kissing Liam.  (More on that in a little bit!)  Instead the Salvatore brother reunion was exactly what both characters needed and it couldn’t have been better.

Now let’s talk about Bonnie.  She sacrificed her only chance to escape Kai’s hell so that Damon could at least get out without them unleashing a serial killer into the world.  Saint Bonnie has put her life on the line countless times for her friends before, but when will she put herself first?  Of course there’s going to have to be another loophole to save her eventually and hopefully Damon doesn’t waste time figuring out a plan to help from the outside.  We’ll probably meet these famed Gemini witches as they were mentioned to have created this realm as a prison for Kai.

Elena is at a weird point in her life.  She’s aware of her decision to have Alaric erase all happy memories of Damon from her mind, yet she’s content with moving on anyway.  Last week she was trying to set her new friend Liam up with Caroline but he only had eyes for her.  After Tyler literally crashed into the corn maze party and injured several people, Elena saw firsthand how Liam was a hero using his medical skills to save lives and she’s into him.  This should be interesting to watch develop now that Damon is back, but also because Liam has to be hiding something.  No one on this show is ever without baggage.  Maybe he’s a part of the Gemini coven?

Speaking of witches, Liv saving Tyler from his werewolf curse by literally killing an innocent guy was unbelievable.  Tyler’s so grateful that she “saved” him but I don’t like it in the least bit.  The logistics of his crash are confusing. Are we to assume he swerved to avoid hitting the guy that was running from Ivy, and he crashes through some/most of the corn maze while dragging the guy on the front of his car?  The guy never stood a chance at surviving from the initial blood loss and trauma.  What really gets me is that Tyler was so scared that any deaths caused by the accident would trigger his werewolf curse.  He’s relieved that Liv chose to kill a man for his own sake.  Really awkward start to the new relationship between these two.

Alaric finally stepped out of his reclusive shell, thanks to Elena setting him up with Doctor Jo.  Something about her was bugging me until I realized that she looks so much like April, the pastor’s daughter who Elena fed on in season 4.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the two actresses look so much alike but it would be cool to see if they’re related at all.  Jo definitely has some secrets of her own.  It’s likely she couldn’t be compelled because she’s on vervain but nothing is ever that simple.

Lastly, Tripp picked Ivy up in his van.  He’ll probably throw her in the same vampire torture cabin he’s keeping Enzo in, but now Caroline and Matt at least know what he’s capable of.  I hate to say it but I doubt anyone will be rushing to save Enzo or Ivy unless Tripp takes another, more essential vampire prisoner.

What are your theories about all the new people this season?

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