The Unsolved Mysteries Theme Gets the Heavy Metal Treatment

It’s kind of a cheesy thought, but just imagine more people listening to this and really getting into the habit of trying to help out with this show back in the day. It might have been deemed inappropriate in some way, but it’s also just pure awesome at the same time since it’s not so hard that one can’t imagine that it would work on some level. Along with many others, I can remember sitting and watching this show with family when it came on in the evening, and it was an entertaining show, but like many shows, the theme music was usually a bit ominous, but in a way that doesn’t feel powerful and forceful as this clip is showing. It almost feels bad to say that this clip is easy to vibe with since the show was meant to help people by solving unsolved mysteries and crimes that had become cold cases after a while, but it’s a great way to represent this theme since it gives it a lot more punch and is much more inspiring than it was originally.

There have been many themes that have been improved upon or at least attempted in this manner as some have been given a metal cover while others have been given a rock and roll theme as well. But the fact is that a lot of the attempts have been pretty cool since they take the original theme and do something with that a lot of people might not have thought about initially. Granted, it’s not likely that we’re going to hear more metal and rock themes in the years to come unless the stations they belong to happen to think it’s a good idea, but it’s always fun to see what people come up with and what they decide to attempt from time to time since it shows the thought process behind it now and then makes it clear that people are either fans of the shows they perform these pieces for or are at least interested in seeing what they can do with the themes.

There are likely bound to be some folks that think that this is no good and doesn’t have a chance of matching up to the original theme and there are bound to be people who think otherwise. Every tune that’s been played in such a manner is going to hit everyone’s ears differently since we all have a different response to music. But the point is that we do have a response and it does end up creating a reaction of some sort. What that reaction is going to be is never really known until it happens. But this is a pretty low-key change to the theme as it’s still easy to identify. Unsolved Mysteries is one of the many shows that possessed a theme that wasn’t too complicated, to begin with, and could put up with a lot of tweaking and tampering from someone that knew what they were doing. Pieces of music that are able to be meddled with are great in some ways since they offer up a lot of versatility that can be utilized to make the otherwise bland theme into something that people might want to listen to.

A lot of times a show’s theme will be created to fit the show and not be as interchangeable as possible. Take a look at a lot of themes and you’ll see that they’re molded to the show more often than not. But with the kind of theme that Unsolved Mysteries had it’s easy to do something else with it that can keep the base theme but enhance it in a way that will make it easier to listen to and even enjoy once one gets used to the new sound. It would be kind of interesting to see shows take this kind of direction in this day and age, but a lot of shows still lean into themes that are softer and less challenging unless they happen to be shows that are a little edgier and need something to show that. As I said, the theme is usually molded to the show and isn’t that interchangeable, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

After all, it would be odd to hear a theme from one show on another show since it would likely confuse a lot of people and even run the risk of making people wonder if there happened to be a connection of sorts. People don’t need much of a reason to start applying their thoughts to the formation of one theory after another in order to try to connect whatever they possibly can when it comes to pop culture. But overall, this revamped theme was pretty cool and it might have been nice to hear on the show at least once in the past.

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