Impressive Metal Covers of Popular TV Show Theme Songs

Impressive Metal Covers of Popular TV Show Theme Songs

Impressive Metal Covers of Popular TV Show Theme Songs

Classical music has a feel all its own when being applied to a TV show’s main theme. It’s enchanting, it works at the emotions and it promises the type of build up that fans simply love in their favorite shows. But think about what it might sound like if accompanied by some seriously heavy metal.  In the past metal bands wouldn’t dare touch anything that sounded like classical despite the fact that much what music is today was born in one way or another from classical music that was laid down in the past. Today most every musician will at one point or another embrace the fact that without the classics there would be no present and no future. Plus, putting them together creates something that is so much harder, has more depth, and can pull at the emotions of a fan much harder than was ever possible before. The fusion of metal and the more classical roots in TV theme songs is a haunting effect that will tantalize the senses and give you a new outlook on your favorite show.

Ready to have your mind blown?

5. Game of Thrones

As soon as you saw Dany in the pic above you had to know this would be on the list. Can you imagine the kind of feelings you’d get if you heard this as the opening them of GoT from this point on? If you’re watching the current season then you already know that things are about to start happening, but with this kind of intro you’d be gripping the arms of your seat before the opening credits were even over, just waiting for something to pop off.

4. Iron Fist

The first outing of this show didn’t meet with a lot of good criticism. That’s unfortunate really because the story is actually a pretty good one from the comics. There is going to be a season 2 so hopefully things go well and we’ll see a different side of Danny Rand this time around.

3. Stranger Things

The only factor that might work against this cover is that a lot of fans really like the 80’s feel of the opening theme and might get turned off by any updates that don’t hold with the time period. In all honesty it kind of still has the 80’s feel but once it really gets going it sounds more like mid to late 90’s if not even later. The track is still awesome though despite not having a chance of being used.

2. Taboo

The cover starts out a lot heavier than the original which gives it a lot more weight that almost seems at odds with the show and its subject matter. But as it goes along it only grows a little more discordant despite the fact that it doesn’t deviate from the source material. It’s very impressive, but it just doesn’t seem to fit as well.

1. The X-Files

You can almost imagine an updated and much edgier reboot of the X-Files that would use this theme song. It’s well done and very impressive, and could easily become adopted by a new version of the show if such a thing was ever the interest of the creators.

Metal and classical music can come together to form something great, and these metal covers are flat out awesome.



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