The Touching Moment The Undertaker Told Kane He Was in the WWE Hall of Fame

It’s kind of difficult to think of Glenn Jacobs as anyone but Kane, the Big Red Machine, and the on-screen brother of the legendary Undertaker. But considering that his career has been kind of non-existent in recent years, one might wonder where he’s gone. The simple answer is that he won an election a couple of years ago and became the mayor of Knox County in Tennessee, while the rest of the explanation, apart from being a busy man, is that he’s one of the many stars that were popular during the Attitude Era, and in the last couple of decades has aged quite a bit, meaning that he’s been ready to step out of the ring and only show up on the special occasion when he has the chance. But with Wrestlemania coming up quickly the expected induction of several new names to the WWE Hall of Fame has been building lately, and to make things even better, Kane’s name is on the list of inductees this year. As if that couldn’t get any better, the man that broke the news to him was none other than Mark Calloway, aka the Undertaker. If anyone is wondering why this would be such a big deal, it’s not just that the Taker is another famed wrestler that’s created his own legend, he’s the man that has worked the closest with Kane throughout the years since the crazy story that brought the two of them together has been entertaining fans for years.

Plenty of wrestlers become good friends over the course of many years, gaining immense respect or hatred for each other depending on how things go and what happens between them. But while the story of Kane being the Undertaker’s younger brother that was thought to have perished in a fire that took the lives of their parents was kind of silly and not easy to sell, Glenn and Mark managed to take the story and run with it, creating an epic bond that saw them pit against one another for a while and then working together after a time in order to become one of the more dominant tag teams in the WWE. The Brothers of Destruction were an insanely powerful force in the ring, but often they went their own way and enjoyed singles action since this allowed both of them to pursue their own legendary characters, which has been highly successful for both men over the years. The Undertaker and Kane have both been extremely popular wrestlers in the WWE, and as a result, it’s even more special that Mark would contact Glenn with the news before anyone else could.

This is what absolute respect looks like, and it’s still alive and well in many workplaces. In the WWE though it’s absolutely necessary since these men and women take each other’s lives and careers in their hands more often than many people might realize since some of the moves they execute and make look so easy are actually quite dangerous. As two of the biggest men in the ring, Mark and Glenn have always been dominant unless someone bigger than them has stepped in and asserted dominance, such as The Great Kali or The Big Show. But sometimes these are among the best matches that the WWE has to offer since the colossal opponents can literally make the ring shake with each impact, and this is a part of what the fans like to see, so long as no one’s career is ruined, which can and has happened in the past. With the bigger opponents, it’s always possible that something can go wrong, that their swings might not be checked in time, and that whatever could happen might happen. This is why these folks train so extensively though, as they don’t want to hurt anyone or in turn be hurt doing what they enjoy. Kane and Undertaker have both taken pretty vicious hits, falls, and gone through matches that have tested the limits of their endurance over the years, and they’ve both turned face and heel more than once, but one thing Kane has always been good at is being the Big Red Machine, since with his size and imposing look he’s been perfect as a villain, but he’s also come through as an antihero as well in the past.

It’s great to see Kane inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame since he’s been one of the many that deserve it since he’s been entertaining the WWE universe for so long that any chance to see him is thoroughly enjoyed by the fans. It’s an honor that’s well-deserved for his many years in the ring, and there was no better way to deliver the message than to have the man that’s been through it all with him tell Glenn the good news.

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