Five Actors Who Should Play Gretchen Whitmer in A Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Gretchen Whitmer in A Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Gretchen Whitmer in A Movie

A crisis does not make a person but instead reveals his character. In light of this, Gretchen Whitmer is showing her true colors, and the people of Michigan are not happy. Michigan has the third-highest number of coronavirus deaths, and Gretchen is not ready for more; hence she has declared a strict stay-at-home order. While the order is necessary to contain the infections, the governor is already facing a lawsuit for issuing it. Gretchen, however, is not one to cower and back off. Therefore if there ever comes a time when her character, especially during these times, were to be depicted in a movie, these five actors would do a great job.

1. Michelle Williams

One thing that most actors look for when auditioning for a role is the storyline and connection to the character. Gretchen Whitmer has been on the forefront campaigning for women to have a right to choose whatever is done to their bodies due to her sexual assault experience. She is even campaigning for access to abortion to Michigan women who do not want to keep their babies. As of reading from the same script, in January 2020, Michelle Williams took advantage of the platform extended to her during the Golden Globe Awards to share that parenting and abortion choices are not mutually exclusive. The actress said that all working women should be supported and that includes being given the ability to choose what to do with their pregnancies. Besides sharing the same conviction with Gretchen, Michelle is an outstanding actress whose career spans almost three decades. She also has received several awards that serve as proof of her exceptional acting skills. Therefore given a chance, Michelle would be an ideal fit to play Gretchen.

2. Julianna Margulies

Julianna has made a name for herself with authoritative roles, especially by starring in “The Good Wife,” where she played Alicia Florrick. Although Gretchen is younger than Julianna by five years, there is nothing that a skilled makeup artist cannot do to help Julianna look the part. After all, if Julianna is comfortable wearing a $10K wig as Alicia to portray the straight-hair of her character, then she would not mind a few twerks to capture Gretchen’s look. Julianna would also fit in the role of Gretchen ideally, given how firmly she stands on her beliefs, just like Gretchen does. She was willing to forego a paycheck of $27 million by resigning from “ER” to ensure that she did not live with regrets; hence, you can rest assured that Julianna would depict an influential politician. Besides, you must have noticed that she likes to be in shows that portray women as people who can endure anything thrown at them. In “The Good Wife,” her husband cheats on her, while in “Dietland,” she employs an overweight woman whom she mistreats due to her weight. Her determination to fight for equal rights also saw her turn down an offer to be in “The Good Fight” since they were not ready to pay her the right amount. Therefore, as someone who knows her worth, Julianna, just like Gretchen, is not to be intimidated by anyone.

3. Toni Collette

She may be a blonde, and Gretchen is a brunette, but adding some hair color and maybe a little weight would have her looking like Gretchen. However, it is more than just looking the part but playing the part, and one thing that makes Toni ideal is her acting ability. Of course, for someone who at the age of 11 was able to convince doctors that she had appendicitis and even had her appendix removed, Toni has the requisite skills to play a politician. After all, it is their work to make us believe whatever they say. That said, Toni’s character in “Hereditary” was well praised, and Consequence of Sound published it as the performance of the year. Besides, Toni is a versatile actor, as evidenced by her roles in different movies and series, including “Hostages,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and “The Sixth Sense.” Therefore it is no surprise that Toni was analyzed as a chameleon in versatility in both her acting style and roles.

4. Anna Kendrick

When looking for a person to play a younger version of Gretchen, then Anna should be considered. Just like Gretchen is described as a progressive Democrat, Anna has made it clear that she is not conservative. Besides, the actress is not one to shy away from speaking her thoughts, which means playing a woman in politics would not be challenging. Moreover, she has earned the labels “Down to earth” and relatable,” so if the movie ever were produced, most people would be yearning to watch it, thus making it an instant hit. The fact that she has millions of followers on social media would certainly help. She also has received loads of nominations for her different roles and won some, which goes to show playing Gretchen would only add to her many achievements. The actress does not believe there is nothing she cannot do and even was recorded, saying that she could play Robin, and being a girl should not be a hindrance. If the sky is the limit for Anna, playing a politician would be a walk in the park.

5. Alyssa Milano

Just like we think Michelle Williams would make a great Gretchen Whitmer character based on her convictions, then Alyssa Milano has to be on the list too. She shares so much with Gretchen that she probably would be begging to play the politician. For instance, her views on abortion; the actress had two abortions in 1993 within months because she believes it was her choice, and she does not regret it. Alyssa is also a victim of sexual assault and supported the #MeToo campaign asking everyone else who had been sexually assaulted or harassed to join the movement for the public to understand how prevalent the problem was. She is very vocal about her political stand and does not hide that she does not like the Trump administration. Apart from her shared beliefs with Gretchen, Alyssa is one who will do anything to make sure that the public understands the impact of their actions. She even kissed a person living with AIDS to show that the disease cannot be transmitted through casual contact. Alyssa’s ability to appeal to the masses has also been useful in her acting career, and by 1985, she had won an award.

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