The Top Uses of Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady” in Movies or TV

Aerosmith is legendary, there’s no other way to say it, but there are a select few songs that can really be attributed with making them appeal to their fans for so long since when you look at it they’ve been together for a long, long time. Some might think that songs get stale from time to time but if the music is really that good such a thing never happens since quite honestly the songs can be allowed to translate from one generation to the next. So yes, it’s obvious that the band is dated and appealed a little more to the audiences of decades past, but so many people still enjoy Aerosmith that songs like Dude Looks Like A Lady take on their own meaning from decade to decade. You don’t have to have been born during their initial rise to really enjoy their music, and this song kind of proves that.

Here are a few uses of the song in TV and movies.

5. Everybody Hates Chris

How many people remember this show? it was pretty popular one time since it was one of the new, up and coming TV shows around that featured a narrator. Even better is that it was spoken by the actual individual that was sharing a part of his life supposedly and allowing people to see into his world just a bit. The show did manage to go on for a little while but it would almost seem as though people got tired of it after a bit. Most of the actors went on to continue or develop successful careers, as the main character would eventually become a character on The Walking Dead until his gruesome death scene.

4. Wayne’s World 2

Sequels don’t often have that great of a reputation when it comes to being pitted against the original films and Wayne’s World 2 is an example of a movie that was hyped up beyond belief but didn’t really achieve the same level of fame as the first movie. This could be due to the fact that the first movie was something that had been taken right off of SNL and was therefore a big deal because it was something the fans really wanted and were going to be ultimately forgiving of had it been a complete flop. But the sequel to the original just didn’t have the same pop and despite having as much musical talent as the first it was funny and entertaining but not quite as groundbreaking.

3. Like Father Like Son

Back in the days when Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron still had careers to speak of this movie was kind of quaint and even a little funny since it dealt with the same premise that a lot of films have taken on, the switching of a parent’s mind with that of their kid. It’s a fun thing to contemplate since it makes you wonder if an adult could really survive in a kids world at this point and time and if the kid could really grow up that quickly and assume the responsibilities that so many adults feel pressured by on a regular basis. If you think about it such a thing would be really eye opening for each individual.

2. Aerosmith

This had to be added without a doubt since the video was one of the better ones of the era and the song is one that you can’t help but move to when it comes on. Aerosmith is one of the many bands that is able to get people out of their seats and on their feet whenever they’re on stage or when their songs come on the radio and they have been for a long time now. Even as they moved into the new century and their sound was becoming something more likened to the past despite their new material, Aerosmith has still enjoyed a massive fanbase and many loyal followers that consider them to be one of the greatest bands of all time.

1. Mrs. Doubtfire

How far would you go to keep seeing your kids if you really had no other options? Daniel kind of went off the deep end with this one but at the very least he did get to see his kids more often than he did before his desperate ploy. Cluing the kids, at least the two older ones, in on the act was likely a good idea but you can imagine how traumatized his youngest child was when she saw Mrs. Doubtfire’s face fall away to reveal her father. But of course this was a different time and people didn’t really look at the movie in this manner so you can kind of forgive the more horrifying moments in this movie that would have scarred some folks for life.

Dude looks like a lady indeed.

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