How Andy Samberg Convinced Lance Armstrong to Be In “Tour De Pharmacy”

How Andy Samberg Convinced Lance Armstrong to Be In “Tour De Pharmacy”

How Andy Samberg Convinced Lance Armstrong to Be In “Tour De Pharmacy”

What would it take to get cycling legend Lance Armstrong back into the public eye in a way that he might not be reviled? Well, obviously it didn’t take much since Andy Samberg managed to get him on board for Tour de Pharmacy, an HBO spoof of the Tour de France in which around 170 athletes were seen to fail a drug test. Samberg plays along with John Cena, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore, and many other noted actors to create this over the top comedy that showcases the grueling and demanding race. Given that it is a comedy however one can only imagine that it is in some ways so very wrong on so many levels that it has to be funny. This is perhaps why some can’t possibly believe that Lance Armstrong was so willing to do this.

So how did Andy Samberg get Lance Armstrong to play a part in this film?

As it’s been reported, Samberg really only had to send the script to Armstrong’s reps and hope for the best. 

Lance Armstrong came on board without a hitch, claiming that he’d love the chance to be a part of the film. While many would have worried that he would have had an issue with the subject material he was a good sport and decided to participate. Having been known as a cheater ever since he came out to Oprah (Tobias, 2017) that he had in fact used enhancement drugs he’s been forced to endure having his name smeared all over the tabloids and dragged over hot coals by the press. The idea that he’d want to come back to public ridicule would make anyone that wanted to cast him nervous.

There was no line that he wouldn’t cross so far as jokes and source material went.

Even agreeing to come onto the project it might have been assumed that Armstrong would have had strict limits on what he would talk about and what kind of jokes he would decide to be a part of. But in truth he was never once seen to be uncomfortable or even put out by the obvious slams to the Tour de France and the cyclists as they were shown to have their various issues. If anything he was said to have laughed along with the cast and enjoyed himself while participating in this project. This shows that despite all that’s happened that Armstrong at least has a sense of humor and is willing to move forward rather than dwell in the past. It stands to reason that he might have said yes largely to show that he was still an active part of something, but many choose to believe that he simply wanted to contribute to something that still meant a great deal to him.

Lance Armstrong did in fact admit to cheating in the past, but as bad as that it is there is a belief that he is looking for redemption even at this point. Several athletes have done something in the past that has shamed them and their sport, but the chance to show that they are still passionate about what made them famous, and can be a good sport about it, is kind of inspiring.

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