The Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Results That Will Shock You

The Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Results That Will Shock You
The Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Results That Will Shock You

Credit: @TopGunMovie

The Top Gun: Maverick box office results are getting more impressive by the day. The movie was released in theaters across the world at the start of Memorial Day weekend on May 27, 2022. The long weekend unofficially kicks off the start of summer for many families across the United States with kids ending their school year, a long weekend in front of them, and an even longer summer break on the horizon. It’s a great weekend all around, and releasing the movie was a genius move. People flocked to theaters to see it, and the money speaks for itself. How did the Top Gun: Maverick box office results compare to the first installment?

Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Earnings – Sar Far

Officially, as of September 13, 2022, Top Gun: Maverick box office earnings surpassed $1.45 billion globally. This sets a few records. First and foremost, it beats Disney’s Frozen II, which was a massive hit when it was released. Second, this makes it the biggest sequel for any movie ever on a global scale. You probably already inferred that it’s the second Frozen movie that previously held that record. It’s important to note that these are only in terms of global earnings. Domestically – and without adjustment (which means no adjustment made for other movies from the past to match today’s dollar) – it is also the most popular and highest-earning sequel. The record for that was previously held by The Incredibles 2, yet another Disney/Pixar film.

The movie has been in theaters for 16 weekends, and it’s already reached a total of over $705 million in domestic income ($1.453 billion worldwide). While Top Gun: Maverick box office results at this point make it the number one highest-grossing sequel, it is not the highest-earning movie domestically of all time. In fact, it’s the fifth highest-grossing domestic box office hit. Accounting for inflation, it’s behind Avatar, Spider-Man No Way Home, Avengers Endgame, and at the top of the list, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. It’ll need to earn another $231 million to make it to the top of this list.

The Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Results That Will Shock You

Credit: @TomCruise

What are The Original Top Gun Box Office Earnings?

The original Top Gun movie also did well. Keep in mind that it was released more than 30 years ago, however. It was first released in theaters in 1986, and the cost of living, the value of a dollar, and all that good stuff were much different. If you adjust those box office earnings, however, the movie still did quite well. Top Gun was the best movie of the year in terms of being the highest-earning. In 1986, this movie earned a whopping $8.2 million on opening weekend alone. To make that more impressive, the number of people who went to see the movie increased every weekend for six months. It was six months before the number of people in the theater seeing it was fewer than opening weekend. It was more than impressive.

Overall, the movie earned a total of $176.8 million domestically and a total of $353.8 million globally. If you adjust these prices for inflation, the original movie earned a total of more than $21 million on its opening weekend in 1986. If you adjust the total earnings for the original Top Gun, it would have earned an impressive $440 million in today’s monetary value.

Is Top Gun: Maverick Better than the Original?

It depends on how you look at it. You’ll never get a precise answer on this one, though. The problem is that you cannot compare two movies released 36 years apart. Tom Cruise was younger. He didn’t have the same talent then he has now – though he had plenty of talent then. The cast was amazing in both movies. The technology in the second movie is obviously superior after 36 years. Both plots are amazing. The entire thing is just too difficult to tell, but if you go by earnings alone, then yes. The second movie is better than the first.

The Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Results That Will Shock You

Credit: @TopGunMovie

However, fans will tell you otherwise. Everyone has an opinion, and no two opinions will be the same. If you want to see for yourself which one is better, then go watch the first one before heading out to see the second. You might just realize you like one better than the other. However, the Top Gun: Maverick box office results do not lie – the world loves Tom Cruise and Miles Teller, and it’s obvious.

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