The Top Five Episodes From The King of Queens – Season One

The Top Five Episodes From The King of Queens – Season One
The Top Five Episodes From The King of Queens – Season One

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The King of Queens is a 1998 CBS sitcom created by the acclaimed producer, Rob Schiller. The plot centers on Doug Heffernan (played by Kevin James) and his wife Carrie (portrayed by Leah Remini) as they attempt to balance married life with their careers while residing with Carrie’s father, Arthur Spooner (played by Jerry Stiller). In this article, we will take a look at the top five episodes from the first season of the nine-season TV series.

Episode 1: “Pilot”

The first episode earns a spot on the list since it introduces the cast and provides a solid foundation for what to expect throughout the series. It introduces us to Doug, a delivery worker who is delighted to have a 70″ TV installed in the basement by his wife, Carrie, so that he can watch football games with his pals, Spence (played by Patton Oswalt), Richie (played by Larry Romano), and Deacon (played by Victor Williams). Sara (played by Lisa Rieffel), Carrie’s sister, and Arthur relocate there after Arthur unintentionally burns down his home. The fact that Arthur must live in the basement deprives Doug of his man cave and forces him to move the TV to the bedroom, which disrupts their watching. There is also the problem of sharing a bathroom, which is problematic early in the morning before leaving for work.

Episode 4: “Richie’s Song”


In this episode, Richie and his wife Marie pressure Doug into going on a double date, which Carrie despises because she despises Marie. Doug learns from Carrie that Marie often cheats on Richie, and now he must decide whether to tell Richie or not. Even worse, Richie extends an invitation to them both to visit Atlantic City. Carrie rightfully declines, but Doug is unable to explain this to Richie. Doug claims that Carrie and Kelly, Deacon’s wife, also cheated in an effort to lessen the damage since he is unable to find the perfect strategy to come clean. He alternates between Carrie, whom he is trying to persuade to travel to Atlantic City, and Richie, to whom he is trying to come clean. The journey to finally finding the courage to tell him in the worst possible setting (at a poker table) makes for a funny scene when combined with Doug and Arthur’s daily antics.

Episode 9: “Road Rayge”

Doug is engaging in his normal shenanigans, but this time he has some help. The show and “Everybody Loves Raymond” crossover in this episode. Doug visits the DMV to renew his driver’s license. While there, he encounters Ray, who is having trouble with his test, and instantly recognizes him from his newspaper articles. Ray takes advantage of this chance to get some answers, but despite their best efforts to hide their chats behind songs, they are ultimately unable to escape the staff’s prying eyes. Doug’s license is suspended, but Ray exits without a blemish, which makes him feel bad. Fans of “Everybody Loves Raymond” are well familiar with how chaotic Raymond can be, and this situation is no exception. When Ray invites Doug to watch a game, he persuades him to drive without a license. However, Ray fails to tell Doug that his brother in the back, Robert, is a police officer, which results in Doug’s arrest and subsequent fines. Ray and Doug are forbidden from speaking to one another again by a furious Carrie, but they nevertheless scheme to meet, and you guessed it, another mishap occurs.

Episode 15: “Crappy Birthday”


Carrie is reluctant to celebrate her 30th birthday since she is anxious about it. In the meantime, Doug doesn’t have any arrangements for the birthday celebration because his thoughts are focused on a much-anticipated fight. Following a lie about reservations and an invitation to Deacon and Kelly, Doug persuades Carrie to go out. Doug is able to persuade Deacon despite the fact that he has other plans by promising to record the fight. Deacon’s other arrangements call for him to pick up his mother from the airport, so she follows along. As a result, we get to witness a hilarious in-law argument and learn that the only table Doug could find was outside. To make matters worse, it begins to snow.

Episode 17: “Court Date”

The episode opens with Carrie receiving a ticket, which causes their insurance premium to double. However, the officer who issued the ticket later phones and asks her out after failing to notice her engagement ring. Carrie is uneasy about it, but Doug persuades her to go on the date in an effort to win over the cop. With the assistance of Richie and Spence, Doug’s craziness reaches a whole new level as he attempts to choose the ideal dress for her to wear on the date. After the date, the cop doesn’t call Carrie right away, which enrages her. Nevertheless, they assume he is ignoring her, which still serves their purpose. However, when the cop does call on the scheduled court date, Arthur informs him that Carrie is married, which prompts the cop to show up in court and ensure Carrie faces all the consequences.

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