How “Kevin Can Wait” Is Exactly Like “King Of Queens”

We have been watching the one of the newest shows on television, “Kevin Can Wait”, for two seasons now, which stars the hilarious Kevin James on the sitcom. However, as season two rolled in, viewers saw a totally different plot line that made us wonder the question we have all been thinking — Is this just a “King Of Queens” reboot? For those of you that have been living under a rock, “King Of Queens” was a sitcom that ran for almost 10 years (starting in 1998) starring Kevin James and Leah Remini. We would all love a “King Of Queens” reboot, and honestly, it seems as though the questions that we have been asking are starting to prove themselves based on these facts:

Leah Remini Is Back For Good

Leah Remini had made guest appearances in the first season of “Kevin Can Wait”, which made “King Of Queens” lovers feel all of the nostalgia of the old sitcom. Then, as the second season was coming to the air in the fall of 2017, it was announced that Leah Remini was in fact returning to the second season, but this time in a permanent role with her character, Vanessa. It’s like seeing Doug and Carrie all over again, and we are loving it.

Killed Off The Wife

That sounds a little horrible, but it’s true. As the show came back for season two, it was also revealed that Kevin’s on screen wife was going to be killed off the show and was being “replaced” by Leah Remini’s character, Vanessa. Although some viewers saw this as a low blow, especially to actress Erinn Hayes, it just seemed like a better fit, and what the majority of audiences really wanted to see between James and Remini. However, as far as we can see, Remini’s character is not a love interest on this show just yet. We’ll just have to stay tuned!

More Guests Appearances

As “Kevin Can Wait” has progressed, we have also seen some other familiar guest stars make their debut on the sitcom. For example, Gary Valentine, who played Kevin’s character’s cousin on “King of Queens” has made guest appearances on the new show, obviously sparking the interests of viewers everywhere. There are some other guests that we would love to see join the show, such as Patton Oswalt and Jerry Stiller, but nothing is in the works as of yet.

As we have seen throughout the past couple of years, reboots are making a huge wave in the entertainment industry. With full on reboots such as “Fuller House”, and the soon to air reboot of “Roseanne” in a few months, we can only hope that “Kevin Can Wait” continues to become the “King Of Queens” remake that we have been waiting for! Now that we have brought it to your attention, we are sure you will continue to look for “King Of Queens” Easter eggs hidden throughout the episodes of new sitcom. You can watch “Kevin Can Wait”, starring Kevin James and Leah Remini, Monday nights on CBS.

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