Here’s How Some Nature Documentaries are “Fake”

Here’s How Some Nature Documentaries are “Fake”

Here’s How Some Nature Documentaries are “Fake”

Nearly 100% of shows on television are edited in some way.  I think all of us know that reality shows aren’t really “reality” shows anymore.  As much as you see authentic behavior and real life emotions and actions in front of you, there’s still a giant canvas in front of the editor of the program to construct any narrative they feel will work to get the best reaction out of the audience.  So as much as you might think a real “fight” occurs on a TV program, while the fight itself was real, perhaps the build up, surrounding incidents, reactions of those involved only tell a very small part of the story.

Of all the programs on TV you’d think are most “real”  a nature documentary would have to be up there, right?  But it turns out even nature documentaries doctor their films as well.  While few are scandalized by networks adding sound effects to documentary footage, as it’s somewhat obvious and the intent is to bring the viewer to a truth that might otherwise be obscured, there does involve a decent amount of “trickery” in these films.  A lot of other storytelling magic is at hand, though, not all of it so ostentatious.

Simon Cade illustrates some of the techniques, among which editing is among the most powerful.  Check out the video below:

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