Riverdale Officially Canceled

Riverdale Officially Canceled

The CW Riverdale

Riverdale, for some reason now called Riverdale in the town within the show itself, has officially been announced by The CW to be finished with the seventh season of the teen-oriented drama turned supernatural murder mystery. What started as a somewhat grounded adaptation of a comic book, Archie, that could be most commonly associated with Charlie Brown when it came to its themes of friendship, but Riverdale quickly became something darker than that with teens using drugs, drinking, and murder that aligned the show more with MTV’s Scream series. Unfortunately, however, all good things must end, as The CW has announced that Riverdale has been yet another victim of cancellations. Below, we’ve detailed the officially canceled Riverdale, but most importantly, what led to the cancelation of The CW’s most beloved and ass-backward series, unrelated to superheroes.

Riverdale CW Cole Sprouse

Credit: Warner Bros.

The CW’s Axe of Cancellation

The CW may have officially canceled Riverdale, but it wasn’t the only show on the network to get the axe of cancellation as shows such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman for the superhero shows, and Dynasty, Charmed, Roswell, New Mexico, In The Dark, 4400, Legacies, and Naomi as far as another programming, have been canceled by The CW. While The CW has stated that they will remain focused on superhero content, as noted by the recently greenlit Gothan Knights, that will strangely have nothing to do with the upcoming video game of the same name. Overall, as these cancelations over at The CW have been updated every few weeks with the new officially canceled show, final seasons of The Flash and Riverdale are expected. On top of the canceled CW shows and the greenlit Gothan Knights, The CW also has greenlit two other shows that are prequels. One show, a spinoff of Walker: Texas Ranger, called Walker: Independence, and the other, a Supernatural spinoff called The Winchesters, will be the new headliners of The CW, both prequels, when they premiere on their respective, currently unknown dates. Honestly, with HBO Max and The CW as the only Warner Bros ties to release any superhero-related content, it would be an absolute lost cause for The CW to abandon its more television-friendly superhero programming, as HBO Max holds DC Comic’s R-rated and M-rated content.

KJ Apa Camila Mendes

credit: The CW


Although officially canceled by The CW, Riverdale will finish its story in the most proper way possible, with the seventh season as the farewell season for our favorite residents of Riverdale. The story within Riverdale has had time jumps, murders, drug overdoses, biker gangs, and of course, the rich abusing the poor to go along with the borderline supernatural elements. While the show has a link to Sabrina, another series that started as a CW spinoff moved to Netflix mid-production and then got canceled after its second season. As Riverdale was based on Archie Comics, Sabrina was based on a character that initially appeared in Archie Comics, much like Josie and the Pussycats. Hence, future crossovers with the characters are always possible. Overall, Riverdale has kept its main cast of Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch throughout every season of the show, with the friendships between the group fading out with distrust and manipulation, themes that overhaul the entire show, each season. While The CW has a vast amount of properties they own that could quickly fill the void of The CW canceled Riverdale, the cancellation of the show will be on the mind of most fans until the show has ended its run.

KJ Apa signing Camila

credit: The CW

Riverdale Future after CW Officially Canceled

Although Riverdale has been officially canceled at The CW, while the network prepares for a possible acquisition by Nexstar, the show, as stated above, will be given a proper send-off with its final season, Season 7. The show could easily see a spinoff or a prequel, as that’s just the kind of thing that has become a significant idea at The CW, as shown by nearly half of the programming ever to call the network home. Jughead, perhaps the most popular character with one of the most convoluted backstories and lives, could quickly get a spinoff of some kind, especially as the character was all about being a lone wolf in the first half of the show, such as taking over for his father in a bike gang. Archie, the inevitable lead character, has also had a character arc full of betrayal, confusion, and borderline revenge plots, so a follow-up involving the character could also happen. Netflix could also be another contender in keeping the series, or the characters alive, as The CW, in the past, has had a deal with Netflix to premiere all programming directly to the streaming service after a season of a show has finished airing its current season.keeping the series, or the characters alive

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