The Time Tobey Maguire Asked Someone to Bark Like a Seal

The Time Tobey Maguire Asked Someone to Bark Like a Seal


There’s no doubt that actors can come across the nicest people in the world, that’s their profession, after all, getting people to like them through the subterfuge that is their craft. But in a game run by Molly Bloom, who was busted for running poker games apparently, it sounds as though Tobey Maguire was less than the gentleman that people think him to be, but if anyone’s that surprised then they’re not paying attention to the moments when celebrities tend to show their real colors. If you’re thinking that Molly might be exaggerating keep in mind that the story has been running over and over now and her explanation has been backed by a few people, though of course there’s always the question of who’s telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Right? But if the truth is that Maguire told her to bark like a seal for $1,000 then it’s easy to think that he’s one of the biggest jerks in Hollywood, or he’s simply one of those that doesn’t have the best judgment at all times. It could be both honestly since too many actors get by with people thinking that they’re the nicest people in the world only to be exposed as folks that couldn’t care less about the fans or anyone that they happen to deem as their inferior. It might sound petty, but at least it’s punching up to say that actors are essentially people who get paid ridiculous sums of money for playing pretend. While some of them earn it and are very deserving of their paycheck, other appear to think that it’s a pathway to the entitlement that allows them to do and say whatever they want without consequences. Seriously, they pretend to be another person and end up making more from one movie than many people will make in the next ten to twenty years of their lives.

Now granted, the life of an actor isn’t a completely easy one since first they have to get noticed, then once they’re noticed they have to keep up their reputation and build their popularity in order to make it evident that they’re worth keeping around. They have tight schedules, they have to work constantly sometimes, wear uncomfortable outfits, deal with reporters, legions of fans, and sometimes be up for spending hours at a time getting into character and makeup for only a short period of filming. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the truth of it is that is a lot, and for that actors need to be cut a bit of slack since a lot of them do earn their money, but a lot of them are also grateful for what they have and what they continue to get, meaning that they’re not going to bother acting like entitled jerks simply because they can. Being rich and famous still doesn’t grant one the immunity from public opinion that some actors tend to think exists since they can refuse to care what people think about them all they want, as to be fair they might have to anyway since a lot of actors have a good number of haters out there that can’t stand them. But acting like a jerk to people that are helping them out, doing them a favor, and otherwise making certain that they have a good time and are even making money is the kind of behavior that tends to turn people off.

Tobey has been an actor that many people look up to thanks to his appearance in movies such as Spider-Man and Seabiscuit, but the fact is that he’s an ACTOR. While the term ‘actor’ doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone that stars in a movie or a series is going to be a jerk, it obviously doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a decent person either. The assumption that any actor is a jerk or a nice person is usually gained because of a chance encounter that might make people think one way or another about them. But according to Molly Bloom, his behavior was never that great, and when it came to poker he was more or less a jerk all the time. Demanding that he be allowed to use his own card-shuffling machine and that Bloom pay him a $200 rental fee per night since she was using it for the games she would host, went from being particular to being a jerk in a big hurry. But the whole ‘bark like a seal’ incident was above and beyond what anyone should ever ask of another human being in the middle of a crowded area. It might have been a while back, but the memory is obviously still pretty strong and yes, it’s come back to haunt Maguire if he actually cares about it. After this mention however it should be relegated to history once again, as it’s up to Tobey to be a better person or not.

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