Five Reasons Why Stars Can’t Ditch Certain Roles

Five Reasons Why Stars Can’t Ditch Certain Roles

Five Reasons Why Stars Can’t Ditch Certain Roles

Several actors have had to deal with typecasting throughout their careers, and some have leaned into it, accepting the idea that they’re meant to play one certain role rather than diversifying as many others do. But some have tried to move forward with their careers and have found, unfortunately, that one role has tainted just about everything they do in a manner that sounds both irritating and a little debilitating to their career at times. Trying to get away from said roles is tougher than many might think thanks to the success that some folks have had in one role and the varied reactions that the fans tend to offer up as they show their appreciation and their willingness to keep seeing the actors in these favored roles.  Here are a few reasons why many actors can’t escape the roles that made them famous.

5. The role they played raised the bar too high. 

It sounds like something that might not get a lot of sympathy, since becoming famous due to a single role is something that many actors dream of doing, but when a role is simply too good it can become a burden after becoming a blessing. When one finds that they can’t move on from that role since it was too convincing, they often begin to find that the one role they nailed so well comes to define them in a way they hadn’t expected or planned on. By putting so much into one role, many actors have found that getting out from beneath that role is insanely tough, if not impossible. It’s not that being mediocre is the way to go, but there is something to be said for learning how to balance one’s skills to spread them around to multiple roles. 

4. Their talent didn’t extend past that single role.

Believe it or not, an actor can excel in one single role and then show next to nothing when it comes to their career moving forward. There have been several actors that have shown a great deal of talent for one role but were mediocre to horrible afterward. Actors that have gone down this path don’t often see their careers recover on their own, as it takes a serious amount of effort to get them back into the spotlight. But when this tends to happen, an actor can stay the course and hope that things will improve, or they can enjoy a mediocre career. It’s often better than the alternative, which is to walk away entirely with one moment of glory they can look back on. 

3. They’ve allowed themselves to be typecast.

As it was already mentioned, some actors don’t fight the idea of being typecast as they continue to take on the same role over and over in whatever movie they find themselves in. There are a few actors that are almost always seen as one type of character, no matter the story they’re in. Jason Statham and Kevin Costner are just two of many actors that have gone this route. Some might feel that this is a little boring at times since it does become a bit stale if one sees these actors in the same way over and over. But while it can become kind of old, it does work now and then if a person knows how to keep people interested. More often than not however, typecasting can lead to the slow death of a stellar career. 

2. They haven’t done anything worthy of note following that one role.

A lot of actors that have created a stellar, meaningful role that has inspired many people might find that once they’re out of that role that nothing they do appears to gain the same type of attention. It doesn’t matter what they do, or how they do it, but nothing ever measures up to the role that made them famous in the first place. This often feels as though it could fit into the other reasons that were listed above, but often it’s shown that if this does happen that it doesn’t matter, whatever role the actor takes on from that point forward won’t be seen as good enough to let them escape the role that made them famous. 

1. The fans refuse to accept them as anything but their iconic role.

Sometimes the fans have a little too much pull when it comes to how an actor will be seen, and it’s been seen more than once that fans don’t want to see actors as anything other than the characters they’ve helped to create. This might not sound possible, but as it’s been seen in recent years, fans have shouted loud enough, metaphorically speaking, to get what they want. This can be great for actors, but it can be horrible for their careers as well since if they’re not allowed to be known for their talent and not just one role, there isn’t a lot of chance to move forward and improve.  Getting away from one role or another is necessary to grow as an actor, but the memory of that role is perfectly fine to keep alive. 

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