The Star-studded Casts of the Bullet Train Movie

The Star-studded Casts of the Bullet Train Movie

Although this is not a direct review of the movie, if you haven’t seen Bullet Train, consider it a must-watch. The movie is an action-packed comedy with several highlights. However, away from the movie’s storyline, one cannot ignore the caliber of actors featured.

It’s common to have top-rated actors do cameos in movies, but Bullet Train makes it a point to give them full roles. So, here are some of the amazing casts of Bullet Train.

Brad Pitt


credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

Brad Pitt comes off the set of The Lost City to give us a superb performance in this film. The A-list actor stars in the lead role of this movie as Ladybug. A name he’s rightly given by his handler Maria Beetle. It goes without saying that Brad Pitt is a fantastic actor that can give life to any character. As a part-comedy, Brad Pitt carries his character gracefully through the movie.

Ladybug believes he’s been having a streak of bad luck and just wants to retire as an assassin. Unfortunately, the simple and easy job of obtaining a briefcase from a bullet train goes awry. His character has to battle other assassins he didn’t even know were on board.

Joey King

The Prince

credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

The actress plays the character of The Prince. If that leaves you confused, then you understand the plight of Kimura (another character in the movie). King’s character gets introduced early in the movie, where she pretends to be a naïve schoolgirl onboard the bullet train. While her demeanor and body size sure had most passengers fooled, The Prince is a highly-trained British assassin.

Brian Tyree Henry


credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

Leave it to Brian Tyree Henry to deliver comic relief throughout the movie. The actor plays the role of Lemon, one of the two-member British assassin gang. As an accomplished actor, he has featured in notable movies and TV series. His Lemon character in the movie was supposed to safely deliver the kidnapped son of a White Beard and his briefcase.

When a simple task turns into tragedy, he and his partner must find the culprit and solutions before they get to the train’s destination. We can give it to his character Lemon for being a good judge of character.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson


credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

As the second partner of the two-member gang, Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the character Tangerine. Between Lemon and Tangerine, Tangerine seems to be the more focused assassin looking to complete the job they were hired for.

However, there’s still some wit and humor to the character that’ll leave you smiling and laughing. While Tangerine has great love and respect for his fellow assassin, Lemon, it’s easy to see he’s sometimes frustrated working with him. But then, he would have been better off had he put a little faith and trust in Lemon.

Hiroyuki Sanada

The Elder

credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

It’s safe to say he has become one of Hollywood’s most popular Asian actors. Hiroyuki Sanada plays the role of The Elder in this movie. He’s a professional hitman seeking revenge against White Beard. He joined the train when he could no longer connect with his son Yuichi Kimura.

True to his charisma, Sanada delivers the role of The Elder as a calm, calculated, seasoned assassin. If you’re a lover of his movies, this is definitely one to watch

Sandra Bullock

Maria Beetle

credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

A queen in the game and a seasoned actress, Sandra Bullock was definitely a great addition to the movie. However, for most of the movie, viewers get to only hear her voice. She’s the contact and handler of Ladybug, who assigns this bullet train mission to him.

Michael Shannon

White Beard

credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

The actor plays the role of the antagonist White Beard. White Beard is a Russian assassin that rose to the top of a Japanese criminal organization. Not content to play second fiddle to the boss, he overthrew him and became the most feared crime boss in the movie. Shannon gives poise and life to the character, as is always expected of him.

Bad Bunny

The Wolf

credit: Sony Entertainment Pictures

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper who has grown internationally as a musician and actor. Bad Bunny plays the role of The Wolf in this movie. He’s yet another seasoned assassin who gets onboard the train but was initially hired to kill The Hornet. With the performance he delivered, we’ll definitely get to see more of Bad Bunny in the future.


Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum also make a cameo appearances in the movie. If that’s not saying a lot, just go watch the movie!


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