The Santa Clauses Ended About the Way People Expected

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The finale to The Santa Clauses had to end in an unavoidable way. Still, throughout this six-episode series, it needs to be noted that the general attitude was kicked off by focusing intently on Tim Allen’s conservative views and a few lines that people didn’t happen to care for. While plenty of people thought this series was a return to the Santa Clause of old, others have become less self-aware and call the series anti-woke, apparently forgetting that Disney has been pandering far more to ideas that lean hard to the left these days. But enough of that, since the finale to The Santa Clauses, was how this had to end. Not only did the series see the main antagonist Simon Choksi, aka Kal Penn, actively damage the Christmas spirit with his need to expedite the gift-giving process and make everyday Christmas, but it saw Scott Calvin come to the realization, once again, that he could be a good father, husband, and Santa with room to spare. That particular to-do list is tough to imagine since a lot of people can’t help but feel stressed between work and home, but somehow, with enough magic and a little help, Santa could resume his mantle and make everything right again. 

Credit: The Santa Clauses

Passing on the mantle of Santa Claus takes on a new meaning in this series

After 29 years of doing the job, one would have thought that Scott would have figured out what being Santa means and how it defines him as a person. But it took meeting the many different Santa of the past to open his eyes this time, so perhaps it will finally stick. However, the conversation between the witch and Mrs. Claus concerning the idea that every Santa was male might have made a few eyes roll. The role of Mrs. Claus might not be mentioned as much in literature or legends, but the fact is that she’s important as well, and the fact that women appear to desire the role of Santa might gain a bit of traction if such an idea continues to build. 

Choksi meant well, but instant gratification tends to weaken people in several ways

It’s been said many times before, but the fact remains that parents will do anything for their children sometimes, especially when it comes to keeping them happy. Sadly, Choksi lost sight of what made his daughter truly happy, and in his pursuit of making Christmas as perfect as he felt it needed to be, he stripped away everything that made the legend worth keeping. The love of a father for his children is powerful. Still, the obsession with making everything better and more streamlined, and creating instant gratification, sometimes makes what people receive far less worth it, as the effort taken to create and deliver something is a part of the process that too many people have little patience for these days. 

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Can we talk about Mrs. Claus’s fighting skills? 

When Santa mentioned his wife went John Wick on the toy soldiers that had deemed her no threat, he wasn’t kidding. The matriarch of the Claus family didn’t take too kindly to being called an ‘unknown woman’ by one of Simon’s drones and decided to remind the toy soldiers who she was and what she was about. While the fight scene was a bit campy, it wasn’t so far out of line for this series that it might have been better off not keeping it. It provided a significant bit of comedy and a needed punch for this series since it showed that Mrs. Claus was more challenging than she looked and gave her a moment that was all hers. Sure, it was a little silly, but it was an excellent addition since it broke up the monotony of running around. 

A lot of audience members must have missed the mix of liberal and conservative ideals that were used during the series

The fact that Santa took back his coat and saved Christmas by taking on the role again isn’t surprising since it was already established that he’d retired way too early. But if people want to focus on talking points, it might be best for the audience to take a good look at all six episodes leading up to the finale. Despite Tim Allen being called out for one line, many other moments and lines swung to either side of the dividing line in terms of being left or right-leaning. The series felt more like a balanced story that didn’t favor liberal or conservative ideas but used them to create a solid tale. 

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