Five Reasons the Roseanne Revival is Going to Be Horrible

Five Reasons the Roseanne Revival is Going to Be Horrible

When Roseanne was on it was hot. It was one of the best shows on TV simply because it felt real, it was able to translate the emotions and experiences of real life into a half-hour long show that featured a working-class family that had their fair share of issues, trials, and tribulations. For that reason alone it was able to be loved and admired by all those that came to rely on the uncertain wisdom of Roseanne and Dan. Their kids were a mess but it was acceptable because they were the average household, doing their best and working with what they had to make due. That feeling has long been the cornerstone of what people want from their sitcoms. They want to know that those who make these shows are understanding the people that they cater to.

So why this ill feeling that the remake of the show won’t go as smoothly?

5. It had its time.

The Roseanne show had a good long run. It lasted for almost twelve seasons until it was finally laid to rest. The cast went their own ways and had their own successes, and things were left in a way that fans didn’t really agree with but had no chance to really speculate on. There might have been more story left to pull from the Connors, but at that point things had kind of reached a head.

4. The chance to hear jokes slandering politics might be funny but it’s already been overplayed.

Roseanne has even alluded to the fact that the current political landscape of the nation would afford the chance for many upon many new jokes and gimmicks. But in truth so many sitcoms have taken this path that it’s becoming a bit worn and even played out.

3. The dynamic has changed.

The kids are grown, no doubt going to have kids of their own. The dynamic between Roseanne and her sister has changed, and even the relationship between her and Dan has changed. There is just too much to explain that might have happened in the last 20 years to really get it all into one show.

2.  The kids are no longer “cute”.

Like it or not the kids are not as cute as they used to be. Their lives have changed and in doing so have become far more complicated than the show is capable of handling. If their stories are to be made part of the series then the remake will suffer for the effort no doubt. The original dynamic was that of the Connors as a family, not a band of individuals striking out on their own. The differing directions could be a very big detriment to the show.

1. What else is left?

Some might argue this point, and vehemently so, that there is in fact a lot left for the Connors to explore. But the core of the show is all but spent. We got to watch the Connors grow and spread out on their own as they developed a show that people would love.

People can argue all they want, but remaking the Roseanne show is a bad idea.


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