Baby Stops Everything and Crawls For The TV As Soon As Jeopardy Theme Starts

If only Pavlov could see this. This baby drops everything and crawls towards the TV  the moment the Jeopardy! theme hits, trucking as fast as possible to reach a good viewing position. That’s just too funny for words but I’ll give it a shot. Just watching this kid drop whatever he’s doing and make his way into the living room is hilarious, especially since a lot of us have probably known a kid or two in our lives that has done this same thing, albeit with different stimuli. With a lot of kids it would be a favorite cartoon or commercial, but with some kids their interest lies in different programs.

It could possibly be that he likes the jingle or the colors and the sound, or it could be something else as well. It’s guaranteed that he’s not sitting up there to try and play the game. That would be a little creepy even if it was deemed impressive  to hear a child that young trying to belt out answers.   It’s still cute though watching this kid make his way from the kitchen all along the floor towards one of the best viewing spots in the living room area. Something tells me this is, or was, a regular thing at this age. I don’t know how old this clip is but the idea of watching your child get so enthused over a game show is pretty cute.

Perhaps his mother is an avid Jeopardy! fan that watched the show continuously during her pregnancy. I’ve seen and heard about this kind of phenomenon where a child will seek out familiar sounds that could have been heard while in the womb. If there’s any scientific proof of this point I have yet to see it but quite honestly it seems sound enough as an idea to be worth noting. It wouldn’t be recognition of the show so much as it would be the sounds that are made when the show is on, such as the theme and possibly even the sounds of the game as it goes on.

Around week 25 or 26 babies are said to be able to hear noises from outside the womb. Obviously those noises will be muffled and somewhat distorted but if they are repeated enough times it’s reasonable to think that the child might get used to them. Obviously the one sound that a child will get used to is the voice of their mother since they are with them continually, which helps to create the bond between mother and child upon birth. But it also creates the line of reasoning that if the mother watched or was near the TV when Jeopardy! was on continually then the baby might react to that sound as a familiar part of his earliest experience.

It’s very interesting how this happens and it does explain, in some way, how babies react to certain noises in their surroundings. Who knows, maybe this kid will become such a fan of Jeopardy! that we’ll see him on the show one day, if it’s still around by then.

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