The Reason Mark Hamill Got Kicked Out of U.S. Space Force

Once you read the reason why Mark Hamill was ‘kicked out’ of the U.S. Space Force you really get the idea that he’s not all that sorry about it since it’s a massive joke, kind of like the idea that at this moment the US needs to worry about ‘cosmic enemies’ as Stephanie Mlot of repeats when talking about President Trump’s desire for a Space Force that could possibly defend the nation, and hopefully the world, from any space-faring race that might want to act aggressively towards earth. If you’re rolling your eyes and shaking your head right now you’re not the only one since this idea is something that Trump must have concocted after watching Captain Marvel or Endgame, since quite honestly if there was a race of aliens out there, as many still believe there is, then it’s more likely than not that they’re laughing at us the same way we might laugh at the various animals in this world that do strange things that we can’t understand. Mark’s whole idea about goofing about having gone AWOL on a remote island is pretty funny but if anyone’s paying attention it’s also a certain level of petty that Trump detractors have earned in a way but have also allowed to flow freely as they’ve continued to disrespect the president much as they feel that he’s disrespected the nation.

It’s amusing that so much of Hollywood has come together to stand against Trump and his ideas but will actively push for socialism when in truth they would be among the many that might benefit from it, while those that watch and essentially pay for their movies would be the ones to suffer. Neil Gross of The New York Times has something to say along these lines. The idea of spending the kind of money a space force would require is of course ridiculous when there are plenty of things planetside that need to be paid for and a quality of life that many people would argue needs to be fixed in order to help the people and insure that they’re taken care of to the best of the government’s ability. While it’s very easy to respect and cherish Mark Hamill for his part as Luke Skywalker and all he’s meant to the Star Wars franchise, this is just a bit childish, much as many responses have been throughout the last several years, but at the very least there are moments when it becomes positively juvenile as both sides of any issue continue to hammer at each other and try to mock one another in as grand or derisive a fashion as possible.

And to be honest, I can’t entirely fault Hamill since Trump does manage to say some rather insane and inane things that might not deserve full-on mockery but are enough to make people shake their heads and wonder just who spiked his morning coffee. Some of the things he’s said, the ideas he’s had, have been enough to make Republicans wonder if he’s fully on the level or if his moments of lucidity are just that, moments. The U.S. Space Force is something that is apparently inspired by a need to watch the skies for any trouble that might be brewing, when unfortunately the trouble is usually much closer and requires far more attention than people have been giving it in recent times. Mark Hamill, for all that he’s a favorite of so many, is an actor and as such his opinion is unfortunately not as valued by some. There are still many that would argue that it doesn’t matter if he’s not a politician or has any affiliation with politics, that his word is just as good as anyone’s. True enough, but when the discourse between two people is civil, earnest, and can be used to bring about positive change or at least forward movement, then it’s worth mentioning. When it comes a years-long snipefest then there’s little point to it since at that point things have regressed to an adult version of the schoolyard, where terms such as ‘scumbucket’ and ‘gag rag’ have been replaced by much more adult terms and curses, but the general attitude is the same given that it’s delivered with just as little respect and with every ounce of ignorance that can possibly be mustered.

Yes it hurts to say this since I am a fan of Star Wars and idolized Luke Skywalker as a kid, but there are times when one has to step back and realize that their idols are only human in many ways, and are just as fallible as anyone. Hamill is a great actor and someone that a lot of people look up to and want to be like, but hopefully that doesn’t extend to his more childish outbursts that have, like many celebrities in the past several years, been aimed in one particular direction. Stephanie Nolasco of Fox News has more to say on this.

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