The History and Evolution of the Bayou Boogaloo

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans then you already know that down in the Big Easy the music almost never stops as there’s always something to be heard here or there throughout the French Quarter if you’re able to keep your ears open. The Bayou Boogaloo reportedly started up in 2006  and is held in Mid-City, but it’s come from being a scrappy little festival that many people enjoyed to a cultural even that thousands of people flock to in order to have a good time and see the sights that are available during this fun and engaging time. New Orleans is a fun city in its own right since there’s so much to do and see, but attending the Boogaloo is definitely something that a person needs to do if they have the chance since like a lot of festivals it features great music, local and otherwise, great food, drink, and a lot of merchandise that people are more than willing to roll out to see who they can convince that their wares are worth the money. In other words, it’s a good time stacked on top of an already fun vacation spot that people can take full advantage of if they happen to come at just the right time.

The festival is kid and pet-friendly and welcomes anyone and everyone that just wants to come and enjoy a good time. It’s true that the cost of the merchandise and food and drink is probably going to run you a bit, but at least in the Big Easy you should know, or will eventually, that you get what you’re paying for and are bound to have a good time in the doing since this is a place that knows how to party and how to treat its guests. The only downfall, as reported by Sue Strachan of The New Orleans Advocate, is that this year was that in addition to the costs that are incurred during the festival, the city had to start charging a fee to enter the festival, or at least to enter sectioned-off areas in front of the stages. A lot of people became understandably upset at this development, but when the cost of leasing out the land for the festival was increased to roughly six times what it used to be the event planners didn’t have a lot of choice when it came to making the kind of money they needed to cover everything. Sometimes people have to put in a little more to deal with the rising costs of taking care of the grounds and other services that are contributing to the safety and security of the festival-goers.

Unless you want VIP treatment the tickets aren’t too bad, and kids under a certain age do still get in free. Overall it is worth the experience and the money to get in and have a good time since in New Orleans there are a great many attractions to be seen, but a music festival is almost always something special since it celebrates the culture and the unique feel of the city that has existed for so long. With as many hotels as you could shake a stick at and enough modes of transportation to make certain that you can get to and from your place of residence during your stay, New Orleans is a town that is set up for the convenience you need and the good time you want. Set in St. John’s Bayou, the Bayou Boogaloo is something you don’t want to miss when it comes around since it’s one of those festivals that you’ll likely remember for the rest of your days if you happen to attend. From the smells and the sights to the music and the feel of the place this is one of those moments when you don’t need to think twice about attending. It’s a shame that it’s no longer free to get in, but that’s not much of a hurdle to pass over in the attempt to get into the city and make a memory that will last for a while.

Of course it pays to understand the rules of the festival and act accordingly so as to enjoy yourself and not worry about getting kicked out. Most folks will let you know up front just what’s expected and will help you along if you don’t happen to understand. This could be a fun family trip or a couples retreat that could be used as a time to unwind and just enjoy the social atmosphere of the city. While the festival is only held on certain dates it’s worth it to mark the calendar and make preparations to come on down and enjoy the festival and the overall culture of New Orleans that’s just waiting to say ‘c’mon in’.

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