Ben Affleck Is Still Hinting About Leaving Batman Role

Ben Affleck Is Still Hinting About Leaving Batman Role

If I was going to be mean about this I would say that Ben Affleck is having a blast playing us all like a yo-yo as he debates whether or not he’s going to hang up his suit and cowl after just two movies of being the Batman. But honestly most of us shouldn’t be able to deny that playing the role of the dark knight of Gotham hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be in the last few decades. In fact it’s ruined careers or at least put a dark mark on them for a few people.

For two of them it actually did some good, but for three of them now it’s kind of been a heavy burden they can’t seem to shake. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale came out of it alright, doing two and three movies as the dark knight respectively. Val Kilmer and George Clooney however did not manage to walk away unscathed, and now we’re wondering if it will be that way with Ben Affleck. So far the rumors have gone back and forth on whether or not he’ll hang it up and call it quits after the release of The Justice League movie. It has yet to be seen just how well the film will do and as it’s been rumored Affleck might be waiting until he sees the box office numbers to say yea or nay on the next Batman movie.

That’s fair enough I suppose, but the back and forth game isn’t entirely cool to do to fans of the movie or of Affleck, especially those that still support his role in the Batman vs. Superman movie that stunk to high heaven. Total honesty here, I thought the action sequences were pretty cool. The special effects could have used a tad more work and a little less shadow, but I kind of enjoyed seeing Superman get his butt handed to him. No, I’m not a Superman fan, but I will admit that it’s nice to see him win once he’s been beaten up a little.

The question of who would take over as Batman if Affleck does call it quits is kind of a moot point right now since the fact remains that there isn’t an agreed upon script aside from the one that the new director brought in when Affleck said he’d no longer be directing. If that one is still viable then all that’s needed is another actor. The problem is that Affleck still hasn’t said the word on whether he’s in or out, so it’s stalled at this moment. If and when he decides to make a decision then perhaps things can get rolling and people can look forward to a release date and stop asking whether or not we’ll actually see another Batman film.

The chances of seeing another film are pretty high since Batman is much too popular to be left by the wayside, but the truth that Affleck needs to make up his mind.

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