The Real Reason Jamie Gray Hyder Left “SVU”

The Real Reason Jamie Gray Hyder Left “SVU”

Jamie Gray Hyder is a young woman with an impressive resume. Not only did she spend three seasons playing a main character on the hit show “Law and Order: SVU,” she’s also a model. She got her start in the entertainment business in 2009 when she was cast in a music video for The Killers. She went on to star in music videos for singers and artists such as Sean Kingston, John Mayer, Boys Like Girls, and even David Guetta. She modeled for a bit, and she landed her first role on television in 2010. It was a small role in “Sons of Tucson,” that lasted one episode, but it was enough to give her the acting bug. She knew then she’d go into this line of work, and she did just that. Her first major role was in 2012 when she was a recurring character on the hit show “True Blood,” followed by a recurring role in “Graceland,” in 2014. Her first main role was on “Law and Order: SVU,” playing the role of Officer (Detective) Kat Tamin from 2019 until 2021. It was recently announced that the 36-year-old actress is not coming back to the show for the newest season, and fans are wondering why she left. Was she written out of the show? Killed off or replaced? Did she quit? What is going on?

She Did Not Choose to Leave

The truth of the matter, according to Jamie Gray Hyder herself, is that she did not choose to leave the show. She loved the time she spent there, and she did not initiate her own departure from the series. She’s not the only one leaving, either. Demore Barnes is also departing, but she is the one who used her online social media platform to tell her fans and the world that leaving the show was not her choice. “The decision was made above my pay grade and wouldn’t have been my choice. But hey, that’s showbiz for ya,” she wrote on her Twitter account. She has made it very clear that she is so thankful for her fans and for the time she spent on the show, and she hopes that her character is one that made someone feel represented or happy or good or even noticed. She is always going to love the character that she played, and she is so thankful for her time on the show. She might not have wanted to leave, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the time she did have while she was there.

What’s Next for the Actress?

While we might not know what is going to happen for the actress next in terms of her work, we do know that she’s having an exciting year outside of her departure from the character she enjoyed playing. After years of being very open and honest with her fans about her personal life, she’s gotten married. She, much like the character she played on television, is a woman who does not label herself. She has always been very open about being intimate with women and men and how she likes to just enjoy the person and enjoy her own life without making labels a necessity. However, she is now a married woman, and her brand-new husband is Michael Trotter. They wed in the summer of 2021. The lovely couple became engaged during the Thanksgiving holidays in 2019, and they got married at the end of June this year. They did plan to wed earlier, but they decided to wait it out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They planned a small, intimate wedding with the people who meant the most to them, and they did it the way that most people do it – they did it themselves.

Now that this couple is newly married, she’s newly unemployed, and it’s time for the holidays, perhaps she will spend this time focused on her new marriage and their home. We don’t know if this couple will have kids or even if they want kids, but we do know that she has so many options for her life, and being written off her show might give her a chance to try something new, or at least to sit back and have a few months of stress-free holiday planning. Whatever she is doing in the future, we all hope to see her in a new role in a great new show, and we wish her a happy newlywed year, and we cannot wait to see her on our televisions again.

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