Five Things You Didn’t Know About Demore Barnes

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Demore Barnes

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Demore Barnes

Actors are often assumed to be the most outgoing, confident people possible. This is a fair assumption, given that their profession demands they perform in front of millions of people if they land large enough parts. However, many actors do not have such confidence. For many, becoming a successful actor involved a great deal of courage and faith.

One actor whose success can be attributed to courage rather than natural confidence is the highly talented Demore Barnes. This Canadian actor has seen success in a number of productions but is currently starring in American Gods, a series which was just renewed for a second season. As he is now beginning to garner a following due to the popularity of the series, more and more fans want to know who he is as a person. His story is one which shows the importance of hard work and self-belief. Here are five of the most interesting facts about Demore Barnes.

5. He started out in comedy

While fans know him best for his portrayal of Mr. Ibis/Thoth on American Gods, he did not start out in roles with such gravity. Instead, he actually began his career as a member of a sketch comedy show. He appeared on Squawk Box, a show airing on Canada’s YTV. He would later appear in another kids comedy show, Street Cents. While he would evolve into a more serious dramatic actor, it is interesting to learn that he has the ability to be a successful comedian as well.

4. He trained under a prestigious acting coach 

While Barnes is obviously quite talented, he is also wise enough to know that investing in education and training could only help his career. He was lucky to receive a placement to study under the famed Larry Moss. Moss is an acting coach, director, and former teacher at Juilliard whose classes normally have a 1-year wait list. With the skills honed under this seasoned educator, it is no surprise that Barnes has had such a successful career.

3. He took a risk to help his career 

After appearing in the Canadian law series The Associates, Barnes was finding it difficult to land parts. He noticed that by the time casting agents would arrive in Toronto, many parts were already filled by actors in LA. In order to give his career the opportunity to grow, he decided to make the courageous move to LA. He has stated that the move was very difficult, but he endured because he believed in himself.

2. His friends convinced him to start acting in high school 

In his youth, Barnes may not have fit the profile that one would expect from a television star. Far from being a natural performer, Barnes was actually quite shy. It was his friends who convinced him to perform in the school’s Christmas assembly. After receiving a great deal of praise from his peers, he gained confidence in his ability to entertain others. This led to his audition for Squawk Box.

1. He gives back to his community 

Finding work as an actor requires an enormous investment of time and effort. As such, many actors cannot find the time to volunteer or give back in other ways. Barnes, on the other hand, somehow manages to be a television star and volunteer at the same time. He regularly volunteers at Wing Haven, a shelter for battered women and children.

Final Thoughts

Demore Barnes is a highly talented actor who has worked hard and trained to become the best performer possible. His success is largely attributed to his work ethic and the courage it took to move away from friends and family when his career was stagnating. However, his high school friends who got him into acting may take credit for his success as well. In addition, he has a diverse skillset which he has shown by acting in dramas and comedies. Given his work ethic, talent, and character, fans can expect to see him in high profile roles for years to come.

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