The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Eight: A Houseful of Housewives

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Eight: A Houseful of Housewives

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was the final one scheduled for 2011, which could be the only justifiable reason why it was given the “super-sized” episode treatment. While there is a nice amount of ridiculousness to gloss over, I still didn’t see any other reason for the 15 extra minutes. But I’m not Bravo and I don’t make the decisions, so let’s discuss the top three moments of interest from tonight’s episode The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Girls Are All Here! Uh Oh…

Not since the reunion back in January have the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta been in the same room. Tonight ended that drought and the only person bringing any type of RHOA inspired-drama was… Marlo?!

After playing the “I only talk when spoken to” card all season, Marlo finally showed that she can throw shade with the best of them, but did it in a slick, civilized manner. The person Marlo used as her initiation project was Kandi, who she felt was prying too deep into her business when it came to the source of her wealth. After a few words were exchanged Marlo touched a nerve of sorts by hinting at Kandi being a “big mama,” the female equivalent of a “Big Poppa.” Now I don’t know if what Marlo said holds any truth or if she was just using it as an example of how Kandi went to far with her.. However, Ms. Burruss didn’t say anything. Instead she did shoot Marlo a look that read, “All right I’m gonna let that one slide.” Either way, Marlo officially/finally piqued my interests, so lets give her a round of applause for finally becoming relevant this season!

While Cynthia’s party was the first time Kim and NeNe were in the same room with each other since The Real Housewives of Atlanta season three reunion, the big bang everyone was hoping for between them was only a light whimper that went absolutely nowhere. In fact, all of the ladies behaved cordially despite their eyes cutting each other like a well-edged razor. And none of it was worth an extra 15 minutes of our time.

You’re My Homegirl, But You’re Fired

While Sheree became even more shady after tonight’s episode, Phaedra continued to climb my favorite Housewives list. You would think Sheree would have been a bit more thankful to Phaedra for having her back in this whole child support debacle. But after things didn’t go at her speed, Sheree ignored reason and came at Phaedra in a very condescending, disrespectful manner. She was completely in the wrong in that scene and I’m glad Phaedra had the good sense to give Sheree back her money to avoid the foolishness from that point on. At least Phaedra didn’t get burned by Sheree like Kandi did with Kim. Well… at least not as bad.

“Where’s Peter?”

Cynthia had more Peter/Mal drama this week, but isn’t that all the drama she has to work with nowadays? While Peter was trying to teach Cynthia self-responsibility in a sort of plausible manner (sort of), Mal was itching to find something on Peter to whine about. First, Mal immediately suspected Peter was the basis of Cynthia being overly emotional throughout the prepping for the party. Then when that wasn’t a good enough excuse, Mal decided to whine about how Peter didn’t help her mop the night before Cynthia’s opening of the model agency. Talk about grasping at straws here!

But Peter pulled a seriously shady move and left the party without telling anyone, leaving Cynthia looking like a fool on stage calling his name. If Cynthia had of pulled that at an event for Bar One, we all know that he would have clowned big time and she wouldn’t hear the end of it. There was no excuse for Peter to pull that move and it only makes him look worse than he does now. Of course he’s going to make Cynthia feel like crap for questioning him about his Houdini act, while Mal continues her diatribe of how much he’s not good for Cynthia. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Honorable Mentions

Kandi writing a country song seems like the perfect project for her. While I have never heard of the singer Kandi will be working with, the lady sure has a soulful voice that will fit perfectly with Kandi’s lyrics.

Kim finally moved into her new home and completely spoiled all three kids with their bedrooms. K.J.’s room is a bit much for a baby, but I guess they are looking at the future so they won’t have to do much remodeling. Loved the Potty Like a Rockstar mural on his wall, though.

So that was the last episode of 2011 for The Real Housewives of Atlanta!The show will return Sunday, January 8th, which explains why we got that second episode this past Tuesday. However, I’m still puzzled to why we got 15 more minutes of nothing tonight… What did you think about tonight’s events?

See you guys in the New Year!

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