The New Tenet Trailer Reveals Some Fantastic Details

Does anyone remember what the word tenet even means? It’s defined as ‘a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy.’. Christopher Nolan fully enjoys taking his audience on a mind-bending trip throughout his movies and has what amounts to a time-altering inversion that’s going to have a lot of people talking well after the movie hits the theaters, whenever that might be, and already has people talking in a big way as of now. Richard Newby of The Hollywood Reporter has more to say on this topic. The fact that more has been revealed about the movie, meaning that this inversion process is bound to save the world in some way from World War 3 breaking out, is only another facet of a movie that already had people guessing in a big way when it was first pushed as a developed idea. The only hope right now is that it won’t get so much hype that it will end up being a serious disappointment when it finally gets released. A lot of people might already be saying ‘of course it won’t be’ and making similar statements since it is Christopher Nolan and his work has been impeccable in recent years, but the fact remains that talking too much about a movie and building it up through trailers, analysis, and continued discussion can increase the desire of audience members to think that what they’re about to see is going to be so groundbreaking that they’re disappointed when it fails to meet their high expectations.

The movie does look as though it’s bound to be intriguing and can possibly offer a healthy balance of action and drama that will keep people watching and guessing. The whole idea of inversion that’s being used in the story is one that will undoubtedly confuse a lot of people since it’s not really time travel but more or less the present catching up to the future somehow, though we have yet to figure out just how and why this is possible in the movie. Anything to do with time and how it works in its various ways has been highly interesting to humanity for years now since our relationship with time is often problematic and offers up more questions and chances for regret than actual answers. This is likely why we turn to pop culture and fantastical ideas concerning time to entertain ourselves since what can be made possible in the movies and in stories is often beyond our understanding in reality and as a result we’d rather be entertained than told it’s simply not possible and go on with our lives the way they are. Matt Patches of Polygon has more to add to this discussion.

From what’s seen in the trailer at this point the main protagonist is going to be a specialized agent that will be seeking to stop some calamity from happening and will somehow be able to use the word ‘tenet’ which will apparently be at his disposal when needed, but is not to be abused or overused. One can only guess that he’s going to have a very tough time throughout the movie making judgment calls here and there when it comes to doing his duty and preserving whatever he’s been tasked with while at the same time carrying out whatever function he’s supposed to initially serve. In other words, it’s going to be a classic Nolan mind trip that a lot of people are probably looking forward to right now since he’s shown that this skill is one that he’s quite good at and is able to utilize to entertain the masses in a very profound manner. Getting people to look at things from a different perspective is definitely something that Nolan has excelled at throughout the years and Inception is a big reason why believing in him and his abilities is so easy for so many since the movie made it possible to wonder where the edge of reality really lies and how convincing our own illusions can be when we want something bad enough. Obviously Tenet takes a very different path and will tell a very different story, but in a sense it’s Nolan taking the time to lead us down a path once again that we might have seen a dozen times or more in our lifetime but have never fully explored just yet. Zack Sharf of IndieWire has plenty more to talk about concerning the movie.

Right now the movie looks enticing, and it’s a hope that this will be the final trailer before the movie is released since it gives away just enough to keep people from learning everything while still giving them that itch to get back to the theater. Of course a big part of that itch is the fact that the theaters have been closed for a while, but Tenet can still be a reason why people are glad to pay the price of a ticket and sit down to be entertained for a couple hours.

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