The New Look at Extraction 2 Should Keep Fans Excited

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It’s tough to break into the action movie genre since it’s a seriously over-saturated genre that has seen heroes and villains come and go in droves. In fact, it’s even seen big names come and go despite their popularity. But somehow, Extraction upped the bar a little further as Chris Hemsworth, aka Tyler Rake, walked onto the scene and helped to create a movie that blew people away and left several folks stunned as they tried to process what they’d just seen. A lot of people that have watched a long line of action movies would agree that too many movies end up showing a hero that fits a little too easily into one compartment or another or create a character that doesn’t fit easily into any classification. Tyler is the type of character that’s easy to classify but feels like he’s all business, even if he does have a great deal of drama in his past. One of the best parts about this character is that he doesn’t end up telling anyone who will listen what his life used to be like and what he lost. When he’s on the job, it’s all business, and chit-chat isn’t the order of the day. Plus, the action that Tyler delivers is the hard-hitting type and a lot less flashy since he does what works, not what looks cinematic. That’s kind of important in action movies since it builds them up in a big way, but after a while, people get tired of the flash and want more substance. 

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The pace of the first movie was what kept it enjoyable 

There were a few slow movements in the first movie, but they did a great job of building up the story and led into the action scenes in a way that felt a bit disjointed but were still outstanding since the sudden action was great. The action scenes in this movie kept the audience watching. Still, they also established the seriousness of the matter at hand and the fact that Tyler wasn’t someone that was going to be initiating one flying kick after another and wasn’t indestructible. This guy could get tired, he showed fatigue, and he could be hurt since, by the end of the movie, it could be seen that he was visibly exhausted and possibly running on fumes. The shocking idea that he might die in the course of the job was enough to affect a lot of fans since the outcry was easy to hear in quite a few reaction videos. 

It sounds like the second movie will be just as effective but with even more action 

Thinking of how the sequel could further the ante is tough since the first movie was a visual delight. The fight scenes were intense, the story was simple enough to follow, and the overall action was enough to keep the audience gripping at seats, pillows, or whatever they were seated upon at that time. Many could call Extraction just another action movie and they wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate since it’s true, this is another action movie that features an extremely popular actor that’s being bolstered by several other useful and skilled actors, but the gritty feeling of this movie is enough to bring the audience back to the harsh and unforgiving reality that this story delivered. Just thinking that the second movie is boasting that it will produce more of everything from action to violence to the possibility of learning more about Tyler is enough to raise expectations in a big way and the hopes that the sequel can deliver. 

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It was kind of easy to assume that Tyler wasn’t going to die in the first movie

Extraction didn’t feel like it was destined to be a one-off. A lot of fans could claim that they knew it would have a sequel and that they knew that it would continue. But the thing is that one can say this about a lot of movies and be right about half of the time. Thinking that Tyler was going to die after everything he’d been through to keep the kid safe in the first movie was kind of dodgy since if he did die one would have expected his backstory to be revealed in greater detail. It sounds a bit morbid, but revealing one’s backstory in a movie is as close to a death knell as any character can get. But Tyler felt as though he had more gas in the tank and was destined to keep 

Hopefully, this idea will be allowed to end before it becomes ridiculous

Extraction 2 doesn’t sound or even look ridiculous according to the images that have been released, but action movies have a shelf life that begins to decline after the second or third movie. It’s typically rare to see a franchise last for more than a few movies unless the fans find a way to connect with it. Extraction has given the people a character and a premise that are both enjoyable, but it does feel as though Tyler Rake shouldn’t stick around for more than three movies, tops. 

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