10 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Murders at Starved Rock”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Murders at Starved Rock”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Murders at Starved Rock”

Since its launch in the spring of 2020, HBO Max has pushed out lots of awesome original content. The true-crime docuseries, The Murders at Starved Rock, is one of the platform’s latest offerings, and it’ll definitely appeal to all of the armchair detectives out there. The series centers around the 1960 murders of three women at Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, Illinois. Although a man named Chester Weger was tried and convicted for the crime, there are lots of people out there who believe that he was falsely imprisoned. After spending 60 years behind bars, Chester is still determined to clear his name. Keep reading to learn more about The Murders at Starved Rock.

1. The Series Was Filmed Over The Course Of Several Years

To say that The Murders at Starved Rock was a labor of love would be an understatement. Filmmaker David Raccuglia began researching old case files about 15 years ago and he started filming about 2015. Filming over such a long period of time allowed Raccuglia to gather lots of important information and be as thorough as possible.

2. The Filmmaker Has A Personal Connection To The Case

Out of all of the true-crime stories in the world, you may be wondering why David Raccuglia chose this one. The answer is actually pretty interesting. David’s father was the prosecutor who helped in Weger’s conviction. From an early age, David developed an interest in the case and he decided that he wanted to see if he could uncover anything new. Even though David’s father didn’t understand why he wanted to reinvestigate the crime, he didn’t try to stop his son. Sadly, David’s father passed away before filming was finished.

3. The Series Consists of Three Parts

Those who like long series may be a little disappointed to find out that The Murders at Starved Rock only consists of three parts. At the same time, though, all three parts will likely keep you engaged and many viewers will enjoy learning intricate details about the case.

4. The Series Features Archival Footage

In addition to lots of interviews, The Murders at Starved Rock also uses archival photos and videos that pertain to the case. This helps paint a more accurate picture of the situation and all of the people involved. It also serves as a reminder to how many things have changed in the justice system since 1960.

5. The Series Was Produced By Mark Wahlberg’s Company

The Murders at Starved Rock was produced by Unrealistic Ideas which is a production company partially owned by award-winning actor Mark Wahlberg. The company has produced several documentary films and series and it has also produced The McMillion$ Podcast.

6. The Filmmaker Is Also A Hairstylist

Many people may be interested to know that filmmaking isn’t David Raccuglia’s first love. In fact, he comes from an entirely different industry. David is actually a very successful hairstylist and barber who has worked with people all over the world. He is also the founder of a men’s grooming brand called American Crew.

7. The Series Deals With The Possibility Of A False Confession

One of the most interesting things about this case is the fact that Chester Weger signed a confession stating that he committed the crimes. However, verbally he has always maintained his innocence and he also says that he only signed the confession because he was being assaulted by the police.

8. There Aren’t Plans For A Second Season

Even though there is still some speculation over whether or not Chester was really guilty, the case is technically closed. As of now, it doesn’t appear that The Murders at Starved Rock will have a second season. However, there is the potential for the series to provide a brief update once the results of the DNA test come back.

9. Viewers Will Learn Interesting Things About The Evidence In The Case

If there’s one thing everybody knows about crimes, it’s that evidence is one of the most important things. Oddly enough, much of the evidence in the Starved Rock murders has been severely mishandled over the years. Viewers will learn that countless people have been allowed to touch the biggest pieces of evidence in the case which.

10. Some People Involved In The Case Are Still Alive

Since the Starved Rock murders happened more than 60 years ago, most people would assume that those involved in the investigation have passed on. While it’s true that most of the people involved are dead, there are still some key players who are alive including Chester Weger who is currently 82 years old.

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