The Most Important Things You Should Know About House of Dragon’s Emily Carey

The Most Important Things You Should Know About House of Dragon’s Emily Carey
The Most Important Things You Should Know About House of Dragon’s Emily Carey

Credit: @theemilycarey

When Game of Thrones ended, fans of the show didn’t know what to do with their lives. What would they watch? Would another show ever bring the same drama and heat as GoT? The short answer seemed like a no, but that’s because they didn’t know that the Game of Thrones prequel was coming to television soon. When House of Dragon finally aired, fans of Game of Thrones were thrilled. Finally, they were given a second chance at finding the same entertainment value they’d come to expect over the year, and it’s people like Emily Carey who are bringing that drama. The young actress was a star before she took on this role, but now she is a major star. Here is everything you need to know about her.

How Old is Emily Carey?

Emily Carey turns 20 in 2023. She was born on April 30, 2003. It’s common for the House of Dragon cast to come from England, and Carey is no exception to the rule. She was born and raised in Barnet, Greater London, England. She grew up in the theater, and it’s where she got her start. The Carey family knows all about theater because it is their business. Her grandmother worked in the wardrobe department. She worked backstage with her grandmother, doing the glamorous work of pairing socks when they were missing a second. At the time, she was a little girl, but things would change for her before she reached her double digits.
By the time she was eight, she was discovered. A talent agent found her, and that was when she was asked to join some acting classes. Michael Xavier, a talented singer and actor from England taught classes. She was invited to join his classes, and the game changed for this young actress. It did not take her long to land her first job. She was cast in the hit musical Shrek in the West End. Following that, she was cast in the Sound of Music as young Marta. Her theater career was taking off around her, and it was evident to her family she would not have a typical childhood.

She Became a Television Star When She was a Teen

By 2017, she was cast in a major medical drama. You see, medical dramas are not just huge in the United States. BBC One had its own medical drama called Casualty, and she was cast as one of the characters on the show. She worked there for a few years and made a comeback in 2021. The show allowed her to get her foot in the door of being onscreen rather than on stage. You might also be surprised to learn her television stardom became music video stardom.

The Most Important Things You Should Know About House of Dragon’s Emily Carey

Credit: @theemilycarey

Now that the Christmas holidays are behind us, we imagine you are overhearing Christmas music. One song we have heard over the holiday speakers more than a few times is Baby; It’s Cold Outside, the Michael Buble and Idina Menzel version. It is a lovely version and perhaps one of our favorites. But did you know that young Emily Carey is the young woman who starred in the music video? Did you know Christmas songs have music videos? We didn’t know either of these things.

When she began her BBC television and music video career, she also starred in the DC Universe movie Wonder Woman. It is no secret that these films are huge. It was a big deal to her, and it gave her the opportunity to get her name out there and focus on a few things that were just outside of her wheelhouse at that point.

What Do We Know About Emily Carey’s Personal Life?

Emily Carey is a young woman who identifies as queer. She’s stated her preferred pronouns are she and they, and she is in a relationship with a young woman from a music group called RLY. She’s dating Kellimarie Willis. They’ve been together since at least October of 2022, though there is always a chance they were dating long before that and chose to remain private. She likes to keep her personal life to herself, though she’s not afraid to share a few things about her romance in snippets and comments via social media.

The Most Important Things You Should Know About House of Dragon’s Emily Carey

Credit: @theemilycarey

Another thing we should mention about Emily Carey is that she’s a fashion icon. She might be a teenager, but she knows what works for her and what does not. She’s regularly on the red carpet, killing it with looks that most people would not pull off on their own. Yet she does it with an air of casual elegance. Her makeup is always on point; we imagine she’s headed straight for fashion icon status.

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