The Mindy Project 1.22 “Triathlon” Recap

The Mindy Project, FOXThe Mindy Project starts up right where they left off a few weeks ago, Danny’s ex-wife shows up at the office to talk to him about the letter she received.
Danny tells his ex he may have written the letter but it was years ago, he doesn’t feel that way anymore. She isn’t so sure about that. As soon as she is gone Danny accuses Mindy of sending the letter but Morgan can’t keep quiet, he sent it. He’s very sorry. Danny is sure he is, but he is fired. What he did was completely unacceptable. Mindy and Jeremy don’t think this is okay but Danny is adamant.

Take one for the team: Every year the midwives beat Danny and the office in the triathlon. The midwives insist they only sign up because it is for charity and something fun to do but Danny is competitive and really wants to win. He tells Jeremy and Mindy he is tired of losing, this year they are going to get it together.
Unfortunately Morgan has been hired by the midwives and they have put him on their triathlon team. Danny and Mindy have the nerve to be hurt by Morgan’s betrayal. Something Morgan clearly feels bad about but the midwives had matching jogging suits made and they did hire him so, he’s sorry but he has to be on their team.

At the start of the race Danny and Brendan are doing the swimming portion. When the starting gun sounds they push each other while running into the surf. In fact they are still fighting as they come out of the water towards the bikes. Jeremy takes off on the bikes and Brendan stays with Danny to stretch out his charlie horse. It’s a weird relationship they have. Brendan says the pain is partly emotional; Danny needs to have a talk with his ex-wife. Morgan told him everything. The stretching is so visually inappropriate and when Mindy gets there to run her part of the race she throws up on them. She is too exhausted from running over to the race to actually compete. She thinks she will just sit her part of the out. Danny however is having none of that. He grabs Mindy’s shoes; they wear the same size, pulls them on and takes off on the course.
Nearing the finish line Morgan is in the lead when he looks back and sees Danny fall down. He goes back and picks Danny up, carrying him across the finish line. This causes Brendon to have a melt down at the finish line, slapping Morgan and throwing things around. I guess it wasn’t just for charity and fun.

Converting: Also happening in this episode of The Mindy Project, Pastor Casey brings up the idea of Mindy converting to Christianity. Mindy tells the office and Betsy suggests Mindy come to her bible study. Mindy does one better and agrees to host the bible study at her apartment.

The group of people that show up for bible study are an odd bunch. Mindy: “It’s like Sons of Anarchy in here, ok, and not like any of the young hot characters, just like the old ones.”

Betsy gets Mindy a cross necklace for hosting the group. Mindy is about to put it on when she starts to freak out a little. She goes by Casey’s church to tell him she can’t convert. She said it felt wrong and she is sorry. Casey comes by the triathlon when it is winding down to say he doesn’t want her to convert, they are good, and it wasn’t fair of him to ask that of her. They kiss as Brendan looks on.

The Ex: Throughout the episode Danny’s ex sends him letters but he rips them up instead of reading them. He says doesn’t care what she has to say. Not letting it go that easily Christina follows Mindy when she goes out for lunch to try to get her help getting through to Danny. She gives Mindy a letter to give to him.

At the end of the episode Danny offers Morgan his job back, he is a great nurse and he is sorry he fired him. Morgan says he is sorry too because he can’t come back, he agreed to work for the midwives and he doesn’t want to break his word.

When Morgan gets up and walks away Mindy comes over with the letter Christina gave to her earlier. She hands it to Danny who opens it and smiles. He calls his ex-wife and asks her if she wants to get coffee sometime.

The Mindy Project will be back with a brand new episode Tuesday 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

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