The Might Be the Best Moment in Wheel of Fortune History

If you can even believe this, Wheel of Fortune is in its 33rd season right now. And yes, it’s still headlined by Pat Sajak and Vanna White.   So in countless episodes that have run since literally 1983, it would be close to impossible to pick a greatest moment in the show right?  I mean sure contestants have fallen off the stage.  Vanna White has slipped.  Pat Sajak has said some ridiculous things and the amount of gaffes from contestants is endless.

But there’s one thing that happened in this show that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen.  A woman decided to buy a vowel to have an entire word spelled out for her.  So you’d think she would automatically win right?  Wrong.

She still has to pronounce the word correctly.  Check out the video above for something I can only assume happened once on Wheel of Fortune.

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