The MCU is Drawing In More Actors

The MCU is Drawing In More Actors
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Comic book movies haven’t had a great reputation for a lot of years now in certain crowds, and it’s even come down to thinking that certain actors would prefer to avoid this genre simply because it might damage their reputation and possibly keep them from being able to obtain certain roles.

There are several actors that have been warned away from acting in a comic book movie for various reasons, and there are those who simply don’t feel that it would be something they’d like to do. It is surprising to see that certain actors have joined the MCU at various moments over the years, but in many ways, it has been uplifting since it gives the MCU a much stronger presence.

One has to remember that Robert Downey Jr. was still trying to get back into the swing of things after years of being in and out of the courts and prison due to various criminal activities, and he was a risk when it came to starting the MCU. But looking at how things have turned out, he was a smart gamble and was THE beginning of the MCU since The Incredible Hulk came out in the same year, but Edward Norton was replaced as the main character. 

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A famous face can bring to light the importance of a hero or villain in the franchise better than an unknown, sometimes. 

This is something that can go either way, to be fair, since one has to remember that Chris Hemsworth wasn’t well known when he was cast as Thor, and while Chris Evans was already a known actor, his reputation skyrocketed when he took on the role of Captain America.

There are other big names that appear to want in on the act now that they’ve either reached a certain point in their career or because they’ve seen what it can do for them when it comes to how their fans view them. The trends that people follow are sometimes kind of awkward since they tend to shift so quickly, but becoming a part of the MCU as one character or another is something that several actors appear to be coming around to, and it could be a positive shift that won’t last forever but could take the MCU in another interesting direction. 

At the end of the day, it’s another role that an actor can say they’ve accomplished. 

With several established actors who have been around for years and even decades, it’s easy to think that they don’t really need this to keep their status and possibly cement their legend. But it’s been seen that a lot of people from various age groups are starting to lean into the comic book movie genre as they’re taking on roles that might have been considered kind of goofy back in the day.

Whether or not they’re successful in these roles is kind of irrelevant, it’s the fact that they’re willing to give it a try and see what could happen that’s kind of interesting since trying to see various people in the roles they’ve taken is kind of amusing given the reputation that such movies have had for so long. 

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The younger generation is interested in this, and it could keep the MCU rolling for years. 

Seeing actors that have been around for decades taking interest in comic book movies, the MCU in particular, is heartening since it means that they’re willing to at least consider the possibility of stepping into such roles to see if they can work. Several notable actors who have been around for a while have been seen in these movies, and in fact, they’ve done quite well.

But the idea of the younger generation making their way into such movies is uplifting, at least until it comes time to see if they’ve been directed into a role that is woke or is actually something the fans will agree isn’t perfect but is accurate for the story that’s being told.

The truth is that the younger actors are the ones who will be carrying the torch that will be passed along at some point and has been in some ways. So far, it has yet to be seen that the younger generation has taken over yet, but that time is coming without a doubt. 

There is a chance to change things and make comic book movies a bit more realistic, sometimes. 

Seeking realism in comic book movies is a bit amusing, really, since we’re talking about movies in which people fly unaided, have armored suits that run on a power source that’s not entirely possible, and are essentially living, breathing deities that exist only in mythology.

But despite the fantasy that exists and thrives in the MCU, there are moments when realism feels as though it would be warranted, if only because it helps to balance the story a bit more. But at this time, it’s fair to say that the MCU is not hurting for actors who want to show what they can do. 

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