The Mandalorian: Is This How Baby Yoda is Connected to Ahsoka Tano?

The Mandalorian: Is This How Baby Yoda is Connected to Ahsoka Tano?

Baby Yoda

The closer we get to the second season of The Mandalorian, the more theories and possibilities are going to be thrown into the rumor mill to see which ones can gain some traction and which ones will be tossed aside. At this time one theory that appears to have caught the attention of many fans is the Mortis arc that was introduced in the Clone Wars, since it ties Ahsoka Tano, who is said to be featured in the second season, a lot closer to The Child, therefore making it clearer as to why she’s bound to show up and why so many people want him. Just to recap the Mortis arc for those that didn’t watch the Clone Wars animated series, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka traveled to an unknown world, following a signal that had been broadcast, only to find the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, the apparent originators of the Force and the most powerful representations of it. Before leaving, all three originators were killed or gave up their lives, but the Father transmitted a portion of the Daughter’s essence to Ahsoka to keep her alive, while Anakin killed the Son after the Father killed himself to cancel out the Son’s dark side powers. In short, the Force was bereft of its originators at that point, or so it felt.

By transferring some of the Daughter’s power to Ahsoka though, the Father apparently muddled up the whole thing yet again as this gave Ahsoka the ability to tell that The Child has a mix of light and dark side Force energy within him, and will have to become one with the Force in order to bring balance once again. If this is the case, and it’s a stretch to be certain, then it would mean that Palpatine might have knowledge of The Child, and is attempting to procure him as this could be the way that the supposedly dead Emperor was expecting to make his comeback at one point. Having seen just what Palpatine is capable of through the years it’s not hard to think that he had a few different contingency plans that were meant to keep his power secret even as he attempted to rebuild his base. But there’s also a theory that might help this current idea since Palpatine does manage to state that he is ‘all the Sith’. This would also make sense if Rey is ‘all the Jedi’ since it would mean that Ahsoka is gone, become one with the Force and that her power, and the power of the Daughter that was given to her by the Father, has become one with Rey, thereby making it possible to make such a statement. In other words, Ahsoka has to die to bring balance to the Force within The Child, who in turn will become someone that will govern the overall power of the Force. It’s a convoluted mess at this point, but it would suggest that Ahsoka would be the Daughter/Mother aspect of the Force, while Palpatine would have become the Son, which would leave people wondering just who became the Father.

It could be that the future of the Force was bound up in The Child, who might one day become The Father, and perhaps give way to another trio that would include the Daughter and the Son once again. But if this is the case, then it would mean that the Sith aren’t entirely gone, since leaving only a Jedi alive would cause imbalance and therefore require correcting. Like it or not, in any scope, a utopian society doesn’t work without some form of conflict, as the idea of balance isn’t one-sided, even if some want to argue that it’s our barbaric way of looking at things as human beings. Nature is a good example of this since whether people want to admit it or not, there is balance in nature, but there is just as much negative as there is positive. So in this light, The Child is apparently the fulcrum, the point that can tip the Force in one way or another. But Ahsoka giving up her life is, according to this theory, necessary to create balance within the Force.

Season two is going to be something that will no doubt strike a very big chord with several fans since losing even one character in the Star Wars universe, particularly one that people care about, is usually a reason to freak out or sit in quiet contemplation and wonder why things were allowed to happen as they did. Unfortunately, this also feels like a way to pull the series away from the main character since to be fair, Ahsoka is a big fan favorite and one that’s been around longer than the titular character. Hopefully, this won’t happen and we’ll see more of the main character and how he’s integrated into Tano’s story or vice versa.

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