Our Five Favorite Mandalorian Cameos So Far

Our Five Favorite Mandalorian Cameos So Far


It’s hard to think of all the people that have come and gone on The Mandalorian as cameos, but since most of them haven’t stuck around for more than a couple of episodes it does feel about right since only a few people could be exempt from that list considering that they showed up for a few episodes or more. But so far there have been some truly interesting cameos that have come up, some big names, and some that are fan favorites that haven’t been seen in a while. The Mandalorian has been busily expanding the Star Wars universe a little more over the past two seasons and while there a lot of other impressive cameos, I’m hoping that they will end up being recurring characters instead of just cameos, which is why some of the more obvious names were left off of this list at this time. Those that are obviously not coming back or might have not have as big of a shot of returning for season three are those that were considered, even though there’s at least one on this list that will probably be back when season three hits.

Here are some of the best cameos from The Mandalorian at this time.

5. Katee Sackhoff

Bo-Katan does feel as though she might come back in season three since now that Din won the darksaber from Moff Gideon she’s going to need to find a way to regain her leadership and reclaim Mandalore. Din obviously doesn’t want the responsibility, and it doesn’t feel as though Bo-Katan can depend on Boba Fett, or that she would do so even if it were possible. But the conflict that might occur between Din and Bo-Katan could be a lot more meaningful than people think since the holder of the darksaber is seen as the rightful heir to Mandalore. The only problem is, Din doesn’t want it.

4. Timothy Olyphant

It does feel as though his job as marshal might be a lot harder without the armor he wore, but at the very least he’s a capable fighter and there has been a truce reached with the Tusken Raiders, at least that was how it looked to be. But if he did come back it would be surprising since it felt as though things were wrapped nice and neat in the episode that saw the marshal and Din ally with the Tuskens to take down a krayt dragon that had been terrorizing the area. It was pretty cool to see a krayt dragon outside of the comics finally, and it was just as fearsome and as dangerous as it could have been.

3. R2-D2

People tend to go nuts when they see a representative of the original movies, especially when it’s R2-D2 since the little astromech droid has been through so many adventures and has never been given a single understandable line, but his personality tends to come out anyway. As a companion to C-3PO or Luke Skywalker, or even Anakin Skywalker, he’s been a truly determined part of the story and it’s always great to see the droid since out of many characters he’s been seen as one of the most versatile and even the most resourceful given that he’s been able to get out of some of the worst scrapes imaginable.

2. Mark Hamill

Obviously, there was a body double for Luke and a CGI touchup had to happen since Hamill isn’t as young as he used to be. But his presence in the finale was something that some people absolutely loved while some might have cried foul since it did not only mean that Grogu was taking off with the master Jedi, but it was an easy out for the group that didn’t rely on their skill or limited firepower. But it’s pretty easy to see that they were outgunned and were going to be annihilated the moment that the door burst open. Still, it was a fortuitous rescue by Luke and one that leaves a lot of questions.

1. Michael Biehn

This is one that I personally would have wanted to see turn into a recurring character since Mayfeld, played by Bill Burr, became a recurring character with a redemptive arc. Biehn’s character wasn’t given that chance since he decided to test Din’s resolve and his speed once it was apparent that Din was on the winning side. As a mercenary, it might have been nice to see Biehn return since he’s such a great actor, but maybe that’s just how it went down when the writer’s really got into it, and the decision was made that he would be playing a one-time-only character. It’s enough to wonder if he agreed to this, but at this point, it was nice to see him anyway.

It’s going to be interesting to see what cameos pop up in season three.

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