The Goldbergs Review: George! George Glass!

The Goldbergs, "George! George Glass!"

One of my favorite sitcoms of all time would have to be The Brady Bunch, so the idea of one of my new favorites, The Goldbergs, drawing from the former excites me to no end. Let’s take a look at this week’s episode of The Goldbergs, “George! George Glass!”

The main story in the episode is, of course, about relationships. Adam, now a freshman in high school, is trying to impress his latest crush. She isn’t really interested in him (and he can only use the older Adam Goldberg as an excuse for so long), so he takes the idea from The Brady Bunch to create a fake girlfriend just like Jan did with George Glass. Erica tells him at first that it’s a terrible idea, but the next day at school she does the exact same thing to try and make Geoff jealous. The two siblings stay at each others’ throats over the scheme, and each set out to outdo the other (including Adam giving himself a hickey with Dave Kim’s vacuum skills). Drawing from The Brady Bunch actually worked surprisingly well for the episode, and I’m pretty impressed with the way that the writers took that plot and made it completely their own. I also, as usual, love the progression of Erica’s “relationship” with Geoff, and I can’t believe just how invested I am in their story.

Elsewhere, Live Aid is being hosted in Philadelphia, and Barry is absolutely determined to go. His van isn’t working (probably because it needs gas), though, so he needs to borrow Murray’s car. Of course, Murray isn’t at all interested in his car being driven through that madness, but he’s instead forced by Beverly to go to a Beach Boys concert with her. But, when they get there, surprise! It turns out that the Beach Boys are playing at Live Aid. A major part of this B-story takes place in a parking lot (with guest star Brian Baumgartner!), and it reminded me in a lot of good ways of some of Seinfeld‘s best episodes. In fact, I think I would be all about this show doing an episode in real-time in a single location, and I think there’s some real potential for this cast to have a lot of fun with that. In the end, this story is really about Murray’s stubbornness and the way that it affects his family, and his realization that he’s selfish is a major development for the character. It works out for the best, but it’s nice that we’re able to see this level of growth in an adult character on a show in its fourth season.

“George! George Glass!” was a great little episode of The Goldbergs that featured plenty of character growth while giving us even more of my favorite relationship on the show.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Goldbergs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Photo Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder]

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