The Gentlemen is Getting a Series? No Thanks

The Gentlemen is Getting a Series? No Thanks

The Gentlemen is Getting a Series? No Thanks

It’s definitely necessary to watch The Gentlemen to understand why it might not be a good idea to come out with a series. Granted, a lot of people, myself included, will probably watch the series out of curiosity to see if it holds up with the idea of the movie, as it’s being based on Guy Ritchie’s story. But overall, this sounds like kind of a move that didn’t need to be made since the movie is a fairly self-contained story that does leave a couple of openings and does leave a possibility of a continuation. At the same time, however, this doesn’t mean that it should be given leave to continue forward. It does sound as though this thought is too late, and might never have been listened to in the first place, but unless the characters who were left standing at the end, it does feel as though the impact might be less than effective. Plus, if the actors that made the roles popular had no intention of coming back it also feels as though the series would be less than appealing. 

For those who don’t know much about this movie or its plot, the story is easy enough to break down since it’s mainly about a businessman named Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, who runs multiple marijuana farms and is a person of great interest in high society in Great Britain. But Mickey is approaching a point in his life where, after clawing his way up from nothing, he’s now the kind of man that can buy and sell with the best of them, and he’s ready to think about retirement. But selling his business isn’t quite as easy as it sounds since the man that he wants to sell it to, another insanely rich individual, is just one of several individuals that conspire to make Mickey’s deal a giant hassle. 

The movie might have made for a decent series, especially if it would have been spread across a single season as a limited series that could have built suspension and, possibly, a chance at a continuation or second season, which would have made this idea even better. To be fair, it’s not too hard to think that a series could shed a little more light on a few matters. But if the series is based on the movie and not a direct continuation, then there’s no telling where it could go since there are a lot of moving parts that could take the story in several different directions. Whether it would continue onward with Mickey Pearson or if it would eventually pull away from him would make a big difference since the whole idea that Mickey was the main character in the story would be hard to pull away from unless there was something else to focus on. There are a few ideas that could take shape, such as the Coach and his boys, or Ray and what he does in any spare time he might have. But the understanding would be that Dry-Eye is dead, Lord George is dead, and Fletcher should very easily be dead by the time the series starts up.

Of course, if the idea is to keep Fletcher around, which makes an annoying bit of sense, then there are other directions in which things could go that might be capable of exploring for the better part of a season. There are plenty of directions that this story could travel in, and it’s fair to think that several of them would be able to help the series develop in an entertaining way. But the reason for being against it is that this movie came together in a way that didn’t demand a decisive conclusion since being able to draw one’s own conclusions was a lot more interesting considering how the movie left a few ideas open and didn’t even end up stating what Mickey might end up doing to solidify the idea that he was going to get back at everyone that had wronged him, not just one person in particular. It stands to reason that he might not travel the vengeful path since he’s a businessman and knows the value of making allies that can help him with his problems. 

It’s easy to think that a lot of us will watch this series out of pure curiosity, but the general idea is that it doesn’t really feel that needed, and more than that, it feels as though it’s not something that will accurately follow the story. I could be wrong, but The Gentlemen is a movie that doesn’t feel like it needs any add-ons. If the series does end up being decent then it might be that some folks, including myself, will have to admit we were wrong. But until then, it’s wise to stick to your guns. 

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