Could The Crow Reboot Finally Happen One Day?

Could The Crow Reboot Finally Happen One Day?

Could The Crow Reboot Finally Happen One Day?

There’s word that The Crow reboot will never come, but the creator of the reboot, Corin Hardy, is of the mind that he’s not going to let go of the chance to make it happen, though it remains to be seen when he’s really going to make a push to see that this finally happens. The downside of this particular reboot is that The Crow hasn’t had a great track record for a while now. The original movie is still a fan favorite and has been for a while, but the movies that came after it turned out to be more than a little disappointing as eventually, the story felt like it was lost, and had faded into something that wasn’t even reminiscent of the graphic novel that spawned the first movie, to begin with. There was a quality that the first movie had that none of the others managed to capitalize on, and while some might have thought that the revenge story of The Crow would have worked over and over, it became a bit stale after the first time around since while there are many ways to go with it, the lack of imagination kind of killed the idea when it came to moving forward. 

Jason Momoa’s involvement in the story, which made a lot of people feel a spark of hope for something that might have been great, still wasn’t quite enough since the sour taste that the sequels left in the mouths of the execs who were responsible for axing the reboot from their schedule was bad enough that there’s been no huge plan to push things forward at this time. But if Hardy gets his way with this project it could happen that we’ll see, hopefully, a worthy return to a great story that a lot of people have been pushing for over the years. 

When one really takes a look at The Crow and does one of the things that I don’t like to do, but can see the sense in, which is breaking it down, they might notice that this tale is a fairly simple one. Eric Draven had to watch his fiance being brutalized, and then he was killed by the same thugs who had attacked her. Brought back by a crow, which plays a part in his vengeance against the thugs, Eric becomes an antihero in a way, a violent one at that who is calm enough when speaking to Sarah, a young friend that has been in mourning for Eric and his fiance, Shelley, and the police officer that stayed with Shelley until she passed on. But toward the villains that murdered him and left Shelley to die there’s no remorse and nothing other than a need for revenge, and the fans have loved it for a long time now. One has to wonder if anyone would have the nerve to put this movie in the category of those ‘movies that can’t be made today’. It’s likely that a lot of people would tell anyone that said such a thing to be silent since this movie has been a cult classic for so long that trying to affix another label to it wouldn’t be appreciated. 

But as far as the reboot goes, there are a couple of things that might be working against it that people aren’t thinking that much about. For one, the original movie had a cast that might not have been among the biggest names in show business, but they were recognizable and they were able to play off one another fairly well, which leaves the issue of who would need to be cast in the reboot to make it work just as well. That might not sound like such a huge issue, but f anyone watches a movie where the cast members simply don’t mesh with each other, it can be a big problem since it tends to affect the quality of the movie and can even cause the audience to turn away and seek entertainment elsewhere The casting of Jason Momoa would be a huge draw for the reboot, but it would likely take others that are of the same caliber or greater to really get people on board. 

So far there’s no word on when this movie could be released to the public, in fact, there’s no word saying that it will be released, but it is a hope that eventually those that are in charge of such decisions will see the value in at least giving a reboot a chance. There’s nothing to say that it will be as good as the first, and it’s possible that many people wouldn’t even expect it to be. But a worthy successor would be nice, since one hasn’t come forward yet, and a lot of fans are ready to see this story take another leap forward. 

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