Why Jason Momoa Would Be Perfect for a Werewolf Movie

Why Jason Momoa Would Be Perfect for a Werewolf Movie

Jason Momoa’s Intensity and Ferocity: A Perfect Fit for a Werewolf Movie

There’s no doubt that I’m not alone in thinking that the intensity and ferocity Jason Momoa brings to the screen would be perfect for a werewolf movie. The only question now is whether it would be a Wolfman movie or something more along the lines of Underworld, a remake of The Howling or Wolfen, or something entirely new. Whatever the case, this would be the monster movie that he would be perfect for since his look and his unbridled acts of barbarity in a few roles would be perfect for such a movie. This would be greatly offset by the fact that he’s also been shown as a rational and thinking individual that can play more than just a barbarian or a fighter since he’s had the chance to show this on numerous occasions. Jason is fairly easy to typecast because he does look like a rough and tumble kind of guy and therefore it becomes way too easy to see him as someone that’s going to walk into an action movie and be one of the toughest guys on the set.

Werewolf Movie: A Chance for Momoa to Show Different Personas

But placing him in a werewolf movie would be great since it could offer him a chance to show two very different personas and thereby revert back to the Lon Chaney Jr. days that helped to make this particular movie monster so great. One has to remember that The Wolfman featured a guy that didn’t embrace the wolf as they did in The Howling and Underworld, as the ordinary man didn’t want to change since it was a horrifying experience. The remake with Benicio Del Toro was kind of hard to accept for a number of reasons, but overall it was still an attempt to return to something a little simpler than the ongoing war between werewolves and vampires with a dash of other monsters sprinkled in.

Momoa’s Look Lends Itself to a Werewolf Movie

There are other actors that would be suitable for a werewolf movie as well, but Momoa would be great to place in such a movie simply because he does have the kind of look that kind of lends itself to such an idea. When it comes to typecasting some actors roll with it and some try desperately to avoid it, but the truth is that this wouldn’t exactly be typecasting since Jason has been in a werewolf movie before, but it’s one that a lot of people might not know about, especially considering that it was released back in 2014 and was given a less than inspiring title, Wolves. Obviously, the movie didn’t do much and was something that people saw and kind of went ‘meh’ at, but bringing Momoa back for another werewolf movie along with a few other big names might be the ticket, along with a few changes to the story, perhaps a modernized version or something that was given a serious once-over by one or two skilled writers that could do something with it. This might actually be a fun idea if Jason would agree to it and give it a serious amount of thought. Plus, monster movies are still quite popular, to say the least, and it’s fair to think that a lot of actors might want to put their name on such a project.

A Strong Script and Director Are Crucial for Momoa’s Werewolf Movie Success

The script would have to be something worthwhile though since monster movies are way too easy to botch since they can fly off the hook at any given moment or be insanely boring if they’re not scripted just right. In terms of Momoa’s part, it does feel as though he would be perfect for this role and it would even be capable of elevating his career just a bit more since the attempt in 2014 wasn’t exactly a great representation of what he can do. Also, in all that time Jason has come a long way in terms of his acting and his presence, as the movies that have come since then show that he’s grown in a very big way and has taken control of his career in a manner that might actually make this idea make just a little more sense. There are a lot of other reasons to bring to bear and they’d take a lot longer to explain, but the long and short of it is that this role would be something that might stand out in Momoa’s career as a great addition to his credits or a role he might want to forget.

It’s all dependent on the script and the director since like it or not, Momoa is already becoming a great actor, and the only thing that can stymie that would be a director that’s simply not on part with their actors. But it would be interesting to see if this might happen one day.

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