The Five Best Songs from The Crow Soundtrack

When talking about cult classics The Crow is one of the absolute best since it is a love story but it’s also a revenge story that gets down and dirty and doesn’t pull the punches when it comes to the main character getting his digs in. Brandon Lee played up the part of Erik Draven perfectly in this movie and unfortunately it would be his last role as well. Something about the soundtrack of this movie just seemed so haunting that upon listening to it a person can’t help but feel a chill run down their spine as the songs roll on. It was put together in a way that created something unique and quite special for the movie since the use of the songs were in accordance with the main character’s motivations and movements throughout the city of Chicago and therefore made it all the more meaningful as he hunted down those responsible for his and his fiance’s deaths.

Here are five of the best songs from the movie’s soundtrack.

5. Burn

Being brought back to life isn’t bound to be done without some sort of trauma being felt sine quite honestly the feeling of dying has to be something uniquely painful as well as disturbing. But upon his return and when he was finally freed from the moment of his death Erik began his crusade to seek out those that had something or anything at all to do with his death and the suffering that he and Shelley had undergone before their final moments. Within that moment the Crow was born, and the vengeance he would wreak upon the city would only subside when he was finally satisfied that things had been set right.

4. The Badge

In his quest to take on those that had murdered him Erik took off after some of the worst criminals in the city, but also some of the most arrogant and ignorant villains that have ever been conceived for any film. Tin-Tin, Funboy, Skank, and T-Bird were all considered to be fairly low level hooligans that did the bidding of their boss and were given just enough regard to think that they were important. But when they came up against Erik they found out that they were fairly insignificant and had no idea what, or who, they were facing when he finally unloaded the rage he’d been holding in.

3. Darkness

Believe it or not there was also a bit of a whimsical note to this movie since it slowed down occasionally to show a softer and more artistic side that seemed to stall the movie for some and offer a reprieve for others since otherwise the movie did push forward at a pretty quick pace. But thanks to the soundtrack it offered a one-two punch at just the right moments when it was needed. The Crow is one of those movies you tend to remember fondly since it was a part of our world growing up and became something we either treasured or looked at as a part of our coming of age that wasn’t to be forgotten.

2. Big Empty

This song is memorable within the movie mostly because of Erik’s confrontation with T-Bird, the leader of the gang that took him out and tortured his fiance. Out of the bunch T-Bird is probably the least crazy and the least intimidating, and yet he’s the leader because somehow he’s counted as the smartest and the most capable for the job. But his luck runs out when Erik takes him for a ride and then finally binds him to his car before sending it off the dock in a fiery explosion that spells the end of T-Bird and leaves Skank as the only remaining gang member. Who would have thought that the dumbest of the bunch would be the last one standing?

1. Dead Souls

This is another of the big songs in the movie that created a very sense of urgency and the idea that revenge was coming as it began to play. Erik is a man that was killed for no better reason than because it was ordered to be so. But when he’s brought back it’s with a purpose that he takes up as his own without hesitation as he seeks out the men that wronged him. His slight across the rooftops as he seeks to avenge the live that were taken is inspiring since it shows a man that’s not a hero, not an antihero, but instead just a vengeful spirit that’s bound and determined to right a wrong that was allowed to transpire. His love is a very strong force in how he gains his vengeance, but it’s also an underlying reason as to why this movie makes any sense at all.

Sometimes revenge in the name of love is one of the best stories of all.

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