The Top Uses of Van Halen Music in Movies

This band, oh this band. Despite the split that divided fans for so long it’s been a band whose sound has been heard repeatedly throughout the decades and never once gotten old. The presence of their music in movies has almost always enhanced the scene to such a degree that you can’t help but remember it. Seriously, the scene will likely be embedded in your cortex so deeply that the smallest trigger will bring it back and make you remember that movie. That’s just the mark of a great band and an awesome sound.

Long live Van Halen.

5. Jump – Eddie the Eagle

What a perfect song for this film. Eddie was denied a chance to represent his country in the Olympics largely because he didn’t fit their profile of an Olympian. How lame is that? He had a great deal of trouble as a child as he had to wear braces on his legs for most of his life. You wouldn’t think that a young man that had to face this reality would go that far, but if that’s how you thought then the human spirit must be a new thing to you. He went as far as he dared and further. That’s inspiration.

4. Dance The Night Away – That’s My Boy

It’d be unthinkable to be a parent at age 13, but throughout the years you would think that the kid would learn how to cope and how to grow up. Nope. Remember that this is an Adam Sandler movie, the quintessential man-child that used to be Billy Madison. His films aren’t exactly that challenging and they’re not meant to be. They’re meant to be fun, insane, and obviously over the top as a rule.

3. Everybody Wants Some – Zombieland

What do you wish for when you survive the zombie apocalypse? A safe place to stay? Plenty of food and water to stay alive with? Or do you wish for a big rig and some big guns? If you picked the third option then you might be able to survive more than a day when the dead rise. Just think of it this way, if you have big guns and a big rig you’ve got the perfect defense against anyone or thing that tries to hurt you. Plus, with big guns and a big rig it should be possible to get supplies and keep them fairly safe.

2. Running With the Devil – Little Nicky

Remember, Sandler movie, so it doesn’t have to be challenging, it just has to be fun. Somehow I think a lot of people missed that point when watching Little Nicky. It was a little campy here and there but overall it was actually a fun movie. If not for a few awkward scenes here and there it was a decent flick that didn’t get a lot of good things said about it. That seems to be on par for a lot of Adam Sandler movies though.

1. Panama – Superbad

If a cop is drunk don’t get in the car with him unless you’re in a movie. Seriously, things seem to work out okay if cops are being morons in the movie no matter how bad it gets. But really, in real life if anything in this movie were to happen you’d have some serious issues and a few lawsuits on your hands.

In regards to movies, Van Halen is simply awesome without question.


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