The Best Uses of Tool Songs in Movies or TV

It’s funny but Tool was formed from a bunch of guys that initially wanted to do something very different. A couple of them wanted to get into the acting industry while the others wanted to redesign pet shops. They played for different bands initially before finding each other and coming together to form Tool, which is how you might think a band would be formed in the first place. Their sound became something that united them and once their name was agreed upon they kind of started to roll forward and find their place slowly but surely in the music industry. It took a couple of years for them to get signed but when they did things started looking up and their music became something that fans grabbed hold of and didn’t want to let go as more and more people began to listen to their tracks.

Here are some of their best songs to date. Some of them are simply video clips while a couple come from TV and film. Trust me, it was difficult finding the two that are featured that aren’t music videos.

5. Tool – Sober

Back in the 90s Tool was getting started and when they finally did make it big their sound went off like a living thing as it began to climb and make it’s way into the hearts and minds of the fans that were willing to find the band amid the many other albums in the stores and record shops that had been riding a wave of success to that point. It took a while to really get their name out there and establish themselves as a band that people should listen to, but once they were there nothing was bound to stop them. Even now they’re a band that people love to claim as one of their favorites and stand beside.

4. Tool – Forty Six & 2

With Tool you really need to listen up sometimes since their music tends to drown out the lyrics at times and it takes a trained ear to hear what they’re saying. When you can do that however each track becomes that much better since understanding of their songs and their style is something that increases the comprehension and the pleasure of each one. Some people aren’t too fond of being unable to hear the lyrics but the cool thing about Tool is that they don’t exactly hide their lyrics, but they don’t always highlight them either, keeping them more in the background as a way to let the music unfold.

3. Tool – Stinkfist

Their songs can be a little off and aren’t bound to appeal to everyone but then again they do belong to a certain niche that not everyone likes. If you listen to Tool and are enchanted by what you hear then it’s possible you like something harder and with a bit more of a kick that forces your adrenaline to spike now and again. It’s nothing too negative and it’s not something that can be attributed to anything stereotypical, it’s just another style of music that people either like or don’t. Stating that the harder stuff is something damaging to those that listen to it is like saying that one type of candy bar is going to make you fat.

2. Guitar Hero – Schism

There are those that can play this game like it’s no big deal and then there are folks that look at the brightly-colored buttons and just go blank. Obviously it’s modeled off of a real guitar, hence the name, but when playing a real guitar you’re worried about both hands and not just hitting the right buttons. It’s a fun game to be honest but it’s still something that takes an attention to detail that some folks have and some folks don’t. With Tool it looks like it might take someone that not only knows the song but knows how to move their fingers quickly and accurately as well since the combinations look a bit complicated.

1. Escape from LA – Sweat

Snake Plissken is back and is being given another mission to retrieve a device that can eliminate every electrical device worldwide if one desires. He’s infected with something that he believes will kill him in ten hours if he doesn’t make it back, and upon returning to the president and his people he reluctantly surrenders the device, knowing full well that he’s about to be shipped back to LA or killed. When the device begins to spit out a guided tour of LA the president orders him shot, but thanks to another gadget that he was given his holographic form informs the president that he’s going to use the kill code that will negate every electronic device worldwide. You just don’t mess with Snake.

Tool has been one of the many bands that are great to listen to when you need something to spike your adrenalin for a moment.

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