The Best Uses of Amy Winehouse Songs in Movies or TV

Amy Winehouse was one of the many that started developing an interest in music early on in life and didn’t really let up since she figured that school wasn’t the thing for her as she wasn’t learning much of anything she wanted to know. Ever notice how those that don’t do so well in school are often those that have something to say that flies in the face of conventional knowledge? It’s a truth that gets denied since the basic education that we’re given is said to be what is really needed for a strong background when we grow up. Amy was one of those individuals that lived her life to the beat of a different drum and made it work for her when others either said to stop it or decided to support her and told her to keep doing what she was doing. In any regard, she was a very talented woman during her time.

Here are some of her songs as heard in movies and on TV.

5. The Great Gatsby – Back to Black

This story was something that many a teenager was assigned to read in high school as either an assignment or suggested reading. While a lot of people found it rather dry the tale is somewhat enchanting since it details the life of a man that spent so much time trying to become something that even in the end when he had everything he really had nothing since he couldn’t have the woman he loved. Unfortunately when he did make a play for her, while she was already married, things went south very quickly and in the end he still had everything but that one missing piece of his life.

4. Suits – Back to Black

In the fast-paced, high-priced world of big shot lawyers you can imagine that things get done quickly and they get done efficiently since that’s the way it seems to be from one perspective. But the ruthless aspect of it is what comes out in this show since there’s little time for friendship and less time for loyalty when so much is riding on the decisions that are made by those that are being billed out for hundreds of dollars an hour just to sit in and give their opinion on this or that. The world of the lawyer is something that takes a lot of gumption, nerve, and the desire to be as ruthless as possible.

3. Ocean’s 8 – Me and Mr. Jones

Trying to take off of the fame and renown that the Ocean’s 11 crew took this film kind of stood up to the hype but at the same time it might be a while before it’s really recognized for the effort. It has nothing to do with the fact that the cast was made up of women since each woman on the crew is extremely talented and have already proven their worth throughout many different projects. But the crew of the movies starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt had a magic to them that made the emergence of this movie kind of skeptical and tainted its release before it ever came out in theaters.

2. Westworld -Back to Black

When it comes to theme parks a lot of people tend to want to find a place that thrills them and offers the most unique experience possible. Westworld is unlike any other place since you can kill the hosts and they’ll be healed, patched up, and ready to go the next day. Each one of them has likely died a hundred or even a thousand times depending on the narrative they’re written into. But when an errant program starts to change things up and hosts begin to ‘wake up’, the integrity of the park is threatened as the hosts begin to take over and the guests are left wondering just what’s going to happen now that the game is becoming horrifyingly real.

1. Ozark – Rehab

When Marty runs afoul of a Mexican cartel thanks to his business partners he has to think quickly and act even quicker to save his family. The problem is his wife has been cheating on him and he up and moves them to the Ozarks where they know no one and soon run afoul of another organization that is just as intent on keeping them on their toes as the cartel is. Thankfully Marty is smart when it comes to crunching numbers and hiding large sums of money and he manages to at least give his family time to survive the impending doom that’s hanging over their heads throughout the series.

A lot of people had their own opinion about Amy Winehouse but there’s no denying she had talent and was a skilled singer. Sadly she passed away in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning. Her family and many of her fans were devastated and since then her legend has only grown as she’s been immortalized in many different ways.

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