The Flash Season 2 Episode 16 Review: ”Trajectory”

The Flash 216Three weeks of hiatus feels like an eternity, but luckily the wait is finally over as The Flash returned this week where Barry faces the show’s first female speedster while he and the team also learns the painful truth about who Zoom is.

While I wasn’t familiar with Trajectory in the comics, as she had a very minor role, it was nice to see the show taking the opportunity to bring her into the show. Although 80% of the time when I saw her, I kept thinking that Willa Holland was guest-starring from Arrow as Thea Queen, but in a speedster suit because of how similar those actresses look. I liked the aspect that taking Velocity 9 caused her to have multiple personalities. I was disappointed though that she was killed off rather than have the opportunity to return for more episodes, but the reason made total sense. Hopefully we do get more female villains sooner rather than later and some that will also not be just a one-off because we could use more recurring female baddies, as well as heroes.

The episode focuses a lot on Velocity 9 as Barry is continuing to try and get faster in order to defeat Zoom. For a minute, it looked like Barry was seriously considering taking it despite Harry’s warnings. The twist with Eliza’s death was that when she took that final dose and ran off, her lightning turned blue before she disappears. I never imagined that there would be so many consequences with the V9, but makes total sense. After Cisco’s many vibing in the episode of closing in on who Zoom is, I was glad that the team started piecing together the many parts of the mystery. The thing that was a head scratcher though was the fact that they come to the realization that Zoom is sick and dying, hence why he needs more speed.

Don’t get me wrong, the motivation works for me, although I thought it was because Zoom wanted to be the fastest speedster in the Multiverse. Although it’s still so hard to know because we still don’t know which Jay it is that is Zoom. Too many Jays, too many mysteries, I need answers! The final moment though with Barry speeding out to the canyon again and screams out of anger, was chilling. We have had episodes that have ended with Barry almost being murdered by Zoom, him running into a worm hole and more, but yet this was chilling in a whole different way. Although I will admit that I expected the episode to end with something that would setup Barry’s upcoming visit on Supergirl next Monday.

I wasn’t expecting the conflict between Harry and Jesse to take place in this episode as we see Jesse’s feelings about Harry being too overprotective and also the length he would take just for her safety. While it all made sense why she wanted to take off to learn what is out there in Earth-1, it felt irritating that this happened so soon. We just got her back only a few episodes ago and she hasn’t gotten to do much since then. It would have been fun to have seen her explore Central City through someone like Wally who she got introduced to in this episode. It just felt too much to send her off and have her explore our world off-screen when she could have been developed on screen while seeing what is out there. Hopefully she will be back sooner rather than later and, fingers crossed, getting closer to her speedster destiny.

Speaking of comic book destinies: did that meta-human watch go off at Wally? It sure did and as if we didn’t have enough juicy mysteries to play with: now we also got this. Overall, despite a few issues, “Trajectory” worked as a solid episode as we got many moving pieces to progress forward. The only thing I wasn’t sure how to feel about at all was the plot between Iris and Scott. While I love seeing more of her journalistic storyline, Scott being anti-Flash isn’t really doing much, but it’s good to see someone that can challenge Iris. Also, Cisco wins all the awards for coining the phrase “Villains Gonna Vill”.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights, 8/7c on The CW and don’t miss the big crossover between The Flash and Supergirl on Monday at 8/7c on CBS.

[Photo: Katie Yu/The CW]



Barry Allen faces an evil female speedster, Eliza Harmon a.k.a. Trajectory, and learns Zoom’s identity in this week’s The Flash.

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