The Five Weirdest Young and The Restless Moments of 2020

Young and the Restless fans barely raise an eyebrow at weird situations anymore. It seems nothing is off limits anymore. Nothing is unexpected. There’s something that we thought we’d never say when faced with people returning from the dead, people playing dead, people lying, cheating, and stealing. Those things are just your average Tuesday over in Genoa City. However, we do have to say that 2020 has been a year of weird moments on the show. Aside from the fact that we didn’t get new episodes for so long, it’s been weird. Let’s break down some of the weirdest things that have happened this year.

Summer Suddenly Not Being As Into Kyle

All Summer has wanted her entire life is to have Kyle love her back the way she loves him. She’s been in love with her best friend for a very long time, even when he married Lola and was living out his own happily ever after. When he realized he, too, was in love with Summer and left his wife, she suddenly grew some morals and decided she’d not live with him or move on with him because he wasn’t divorced? It was weird. We are not saying her decision was a bad one – because it was not. She should have done that. What we are saying is that it was weird and out of character for her.

Lily and Billy and Their Romance

It’s weird because we don’t like it. We love her, and he’s just a hot mess. While we would love to see Billy not seem like such a petulant child who cannot get his life in order, we still don’t want to see him with Lily. He and Victoria are the couple that works for us in terms of his life. We cannot deny that their very slow burn and romance is interesting, but it’s weird. We cannot get over how weird it is, and it just doesn’t sit right with us. We don’t know how far it will go – or even if it will continue to go any further – but it’s just weird.

Chelsea’s Defense of Adam

We get it. She’s in love with him. But, he’s clearly crazy, and he needed that time in a mental institution. The fact that she really didn’t think that it was a good idea and that she thought it would make things worse was really a weird situation. She’s allowed herself to become blind where he is concerned, and it’s not healthy. They have a son, and she needs to be sure she’s taking care of the child before she is taking care of the man who had her kidnapped and almost killed. It was not okay with us that she did this. It’s like she has some sort of denial or syndrome or something that has made her completely reliant and obsessed with him to the point that she’s willing to yell at his own father over things. Of course, it was not weird that Victor literally could not have cared less what Chelsea thought or had to say. That’s completely in character. We are fine with that.

Fans Really Batting for Elena

It’s part of the show, right? And it’s weird. Things just took a very dramatic turn when Devon made the decision to allow Elena into her heart, and then she cheated on him with Nate. We were all crushed because it took Devon a long time to get to a point where he could get over the past hurts and pain of losing his father, wife, and unborn child all in a few months’ time. However, we were also hurt when Elena hurt him. It was, well, wrong. However, fans were crazy to suggest that he get over it since he did the same thing to his father when he slept with his stepmom so many years ago. On one hand, okay, we see that it’s a bit hypocritical. On the other hand, we thought it was weird that fans were pushing so hard for him to get back together with Elena when it’s so obvious that she has really intense feelings for Nate, too.

Lily Pushing Nate and Devon to Forgiveness

They’re family, and we get that. But, you guys, Nate slept with Devon’s girlfriend. The man lost his wife, his unborn baby, and his father all within a few months of one another, and he literally just put himself back out there. While we know that Devon’s father ended up forgiving him for sleeping with his wife, we just want to let this play out a bit more. Devon needs more time. Nate did a terrible thing hurting Devon like this literally the first time he tried to have a relationship after losing his pregnant wife and unborn baby. Honestly, Lily should know better than to force this one so soon after this kind of betrayal.

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