The Five Most Useless Characters on Game of Thrones

The Five Most Useless Characters on Game of Thrones

The Five Most Useless Characters on Game of Thrones

It’s been almost three years since the final episode of Game of Thrones ended, and people are still talking about it. There’s good reason to be fair since the show ended on what many still think of as the worst note possible, and because the world-building isn’t done since House of the Dragon has yet to come out. One could say there’s also hope that we’ll see other spinoffs make their way to the public as well in the years to come, but there’s no way to know if such a thing is just a hope or a promise. But thinking back to the show, one can come up with a lot of different reasons to keep talking about it. This time around we’re looking at some of the most useless characters that were placed into the story at one point or another. Some might want to argue with the choices, but at some point in the story, a lot of people became useless, while other characters remained vital no matter what.  Here are five of the most useless characters from Game of Thrones. 

5. Euron Greyjoy

These first three entries might sound kind of odd since they ended up being kind of important at various points in the movie. But the fact is that Euron Greyjoy is a true terror in the books, but in the show, he was so overdone it was tough to get used to him. Perhaps it’s because of the way he came in, or maybe that he felt entirely overdone. Whatever the case, Euron didn’t come off as being worse than anyone, since he felt too much like a cartoon villain that had been juiced up a bit and given a truly terrifying weapon to hold. Had he been kept more like his novel counterpart it’s fair to say that he would have been a nightmare. 

4. Robin Arryn

Many would probably agree that Robin was one of the most annoying characters in this story since he came off as a weak, pampered royal that was beyond spoiled and didn’t grow up to be much really. Even if he became handsome and a little bit smarter at the end of the show, he was still essentially useless as anything other than a token monarch. Seeing him as a young boy was probably the highlight of his time in this story since otherwise, his whole existence was kind of a mystery in a show where no one was safe from being executed at any given time, even if they were sickly kids. 

3. Loras Tyrell

Some folks might want to argue with this one since Loras was a favorite character of many fans, but the truth is that even the Knight of Flowers kind of faded out quickly after his introduction. Despite being someone who was seen now and then, he was largely unused for a good portion of the story, other than to highlight a couple of other characters. It’s kind of amusing to think that he might have been useful had he been written into the show in a slightly different manner, but he played his part and then didn’t gain any further prominence until he was needed again, which was for a mercifully short period. 

2. Rickon Stark

There were a few characters in GoT that felt like placeholders, and Rickon was one of them since from the beginning he was more of a name and not a truly established character. It would be easy to challenge anyone that’s read the books to come up with any moment that defines who Rickon is and why he’s important, apart from being a part of the Stark household. That’s about all this character is worth to be fair, since every time Rickon is mentioned he’s forgotten just as quickly, which means he wasn’t even that important to the author apart from being another member of a household that was one of the main parts of the story. When a character’s death doesn’t even create the necessary emotion that is needed to care about them, then it means that they’re not worth much more than a mention. 

1. Tommen Baratheon

By far and large, Tommen Baratheon is one of the most useless characters to ever appear in the show, which is odd since he became the king at one point. Even that couldn’t elevate him in the eyes of the fans, since upon his death no one was that sad, and they weren’t all that surprised either. Tommen is bound to go down in GoT history as the most ineffective and useless king out of all of them since like it or not, he was his mother’s puppet and kind of a seat-warmer for the next in line to rule the kingdom, however, brief her reign might have been.  There are a lot of other useless characters in GoT, but at least some of them managed to prove that they did have a place in the story. 

Euron Greyjoy

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